How to Overcome The No !!!!

Perhaps one of the greatest strengths a salesperson can have is to know how to deal with a customer who tells you “no.” Overcoming objections is one of the most useful skills a salesperson can possess, which translates to direct profits for your company, no matter your niche or industry. Here at Richie Bello West University, we are here to help you learn how to overcome these objections for any customer you encounter. Read on to learn how to deal with a customer who tells you “no.”



First, you want to start the deal with a “no.” It might sound counter intuitive, but think about it this way: you can always convert a no into a yes, but you cannot convert a maybe into a yes. Additionally, you want to start the deal with a “no” because if you start the deal with a “yes,” in negotiations, your customer will be uncommitted. A customer that starts the deal with a “yes” will commonly say “I have to think about it” in negotiations- and leave without committing to buy. So, if you start off with a “no,” you can figure out what their objection is, and try your best to solve it.

Second, to overcome the objection, you want to both listen and remember what the customer has to say. When the customer objects your product or service, you must overcome by agreeing and asking questions. This will show that you’re interested in what they have to say and care about their opinion. However, you are really using their answer to bring their objection out so that you can fix whatever their issue is.

Finally, do not mention the price! You never want to focus on price, you only want to focus on their specific objection and finding it.  Finding the objection is the most important part of this process- not the money that is involved.

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