How to recognize the five buying decisions?

When customer decide to buy from you, they are really making not one but five separate buying decisions.

There are five buying decisions everyone makes when you’re trying to sell them a car. They occur in the following order:
1. About you, the salesperson. The customer’s first impression is not the cars you sell but you. While first impressions may not be fair, they are a fact of life. Your customer’s initial impression will have a strong influence on the success of your sale. You get only one chance to make a first impression. No matter how friendly they seem, customers are sizing you up from the time they walk into the dealership. Their concerns about you resolve around two issues:
a. Your integrity. In your customer’s mind, that translates to whether you’re there to take or to give. “How interested is this salesperson in serving my needs?” “Is he or she really interested in selling me the right car or is making a sale the priority.
b. Your judgment. This translates to whether your understanding of the customer’s needs meets the car you’re trying to sell them. This means being sensitive to your customers – their personalities, their moods, and whether the car you’re trying to sell them meets their economic and family needs.

2. About your dealership. The customer wants to be convinced that your dealership supports service after the sale and will be there to back you up. Your customer also wants to know: “What does your dealership stand for? What does it offer than is better than other dealerships?”
3. About your cars. Of course, your customer wants to know the factual details of the cars you’re selling. But the real emotional concern is: “Does this really meet my needs – emotional as well as practical. Does it solve my transportation problem?”
4. About your price. Customers don’t really buy because of price. They buy because of value. Customers want more than a good price; they want value for their investment. Until they’re convinced that your car has value to them – until they see the benefits – no price is right. Too low a price arouses suspicion, and they view all other prices as too high. Don’t push price, sell value. As long as customers are convinced that they are buying real value, they will be less resistant to price.

5. About the time to buy. No one wants to spend money before it’s necessary. However, if you can give customers sound advice on why to buy now, they want to hear it.

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Brandon K. Hardison – Champion Strategies

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