Imitators Vs. Innovators

Who Do You Want To Be?

There’s really nothing wrong with being an imitator. In fact, there’s really no way around it. We all have to begin somewhere. No matter where you go in life professionally or even in your personal life, you have to start with a foundation and that’s where you pull everything you’ve learned from family, friends, and professionals around you together to basically get by. Now, where do you want to go from there? Will you raise the bar? Will you continue to only Imitate or will you start down the path of the innovator?

There are key differences between imitators and innovators. An imitator is normally taking the safe route, where an innovator is not afraid to take the risk. When you innovate, you’re creating something new, and chances are you will make mistakes along the way. You have to be willing to fail, and most professionals feel uncomfortable with this idea and will continue down the safe path. The team at Justplayin’ always has time to sit with Richie Bello over at, and he always has a positive spin on failure. Bello stated, “Failure is all part of the learning process. If you’re not failing, you’re not learning. Any time I’m working with someone new and training them, I’m frustrated if they’re getting everything right. There’s so much to learn within each mistake.” It’s true. When we’re training or trying something new in life and nothing ever goes wrong, we become a little cocky. We don’t take the learning process as seriously. When you fail, you look for more. You wonder why. You dig deeper.

Innovators normally see past what’s right in front of them and have a vision for the future. They can see how a product or service can be developed further, and how it can better help the general public and the creator with their ROI in the long run. Imitators may add a bit to the current product or service, but you won’t see any leaps and bounds. You won’t see a bold new product hit the market that year. An innovator understands the current culture and reassesses the product knowing that the culture may reject them if bold moves are not made soon.

Innovators make changes that cannot be lived without. Think of what Steve Jobs did for the MP3 player and smartphone. He created a movement. Yes, others came and created major competition, but these are devices that changed the planet. Nothing has come along that innovated the way Jobs changed the game. Now, others make incremental changes to the touch screen and other functions, but the bar was set. It’s not easy to innovate. It takes time and understanding of the world around you. Who will you be? You can innovate in anything you do. Just a small addition to your office space that employees never thought would make their lives easier, could be an innovation that makes them happy and gets you noticed. Some digital marketing trick, mixed with traditional advertising could be the explosive combo that brings traffic to your showroom floor. It could be at work or at home. Check in with for more on everything you want to know auto.

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