JIM ELLIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP 2018 Sales Consultant Certified Pre-Owned Walk Around Contest

JIM ELLIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP 2018 Sales Consultant Certified Pre-Owned Walk Around Contest Finals Championship The Jim Ellis Automotive Group’s walk around competition was designed as a project to look at our sales consultant’s product presentation skill sets where Certified Preowned (CPO) Vehicles are concerned in every market and all dealerships. This process is not the most important step in the road to the sale but it gives the sales consultant a strong indication on how the guest perceives the sales consultant, the product presented, and our ability to be successful in getting a mutually beneficial agreement with the guest to purchase from that dealership. The project will start October 1, 2018 with every dealership of Jim Ellis Automotive Group conducting a CPO walk around competition. Each

dealership will hold a competition to select a dealership winner and all dealership winners must be selected by Friday, October 12, 2018. Now it’s time to present the “Best of the Best” as (15) fourteen dealership winners will compete to see who the product presentation walk around champion is for Jim Ellis Automotive Group. * Alfa Ramiro and Genesis do not offer a CPO program at this time* DATE – Thursday, October 18, 2018 PLACE – Jim Ellis Buick/GMC (MOG) Buford, GA. – Lower Showroom All finalists will compete at designated time slot (listed below) to give product presentations. Sales Consultants will welcome guest to dealership, confirm model and needs from guest, and ask what make/model guest is comparing your product against. Give brief history of Jim Ellis Automotive Group and State at least 1 (one) Jim Ellis Promise. Walk Around footprint of vehicle starting at FRONT, DRIVER’S SIDE, REAR OF VEHICLE and PASSINGER SIDE. Keeping guest involved by asking “yes” questions or TIE DOWN questions. Have guest involved by opening or closing – hood, doors, deck lid, buttons, etc. Sit guest down at passenger front seat and recap or summarize walk around and invite guest to take demonstration ride. End with a TRIAL CLOSING QUESTION. Sales Consultant will have (10) ten minutes maximum to complete walk around with guest. Sales Consultant’s will arrive at Buick/GMC – (MOG) (30) thirty


minutes before the opening ceremonies which start at 10:00 AM SHARP! Buick/GMC’s – (MOG) lower conference room will act as the preparation room for event. Snacks, beverages, rules and last minute changes will be discussed. When time is ready for next sales consultant to participate, sales consultant will come to media table to be fitted with a label mic and prepare the vehicle that he/she will be presenting to the judges at the lower showroom staging area. Your walk around will be based on the scenario given by Mr. Hardison at the beginning of walk around. At the end of product presentation walk around sales consultant will return to the media table to remove label mic and remember to leave your key to the vehicle with Mr. Hardison in order for the team to remove your vehicle and replace with the next sales consultant’s vehicle. You have the option of watching the rest of the sales consultants or head back to the dealership that you are representing. All of the winning scoring results will be communicated back to the sales consultant’s and GM of dealership before COB on Thursday, October 18, 2018. A designated time and location for winners to receive their trophy and prize money will be announced. Winners will come back to the Chamblee campus on Friday, October 19, 2018. The winner of the Jim Ellis Automotive Group’s CPO Product Presentation Walk Around will be given information on the 2018 Jim Ellis Automotive Group’s New Vehicle Championship to be held in 2nd quarter 2019. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact – Brandon K. Hardison – Jim Ellis Automotive Group’s Corporate Training Director at (404-394-8285) or Good Luck to you in the Finals!

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