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Everyone wants to sell vehicles now right? We get it. You have a customer on your showroom floor that looks ready to pull the trigger and then some excuse comes falling out of their mouth, and it feels like the rug has been pulled right out from under you. Your hard earned money just slipped through your fingers in an instant, or did it? Don’t let it get you down. This is a pipeline prospect and you should be happy to add them to your list.

Hey! Loose change adds up. We can’t always add dollars to the cookie jar, so are you going to throw away all the quarters and nickels you collect. Think of your pipeline as a pocket full of quarters and nickels just piling up and you fill them up in your special jar to go back to later on. It’s a gold mine, and you better not forget it, and yes, it’s a lot of work. This is when you have to work your phone and the email account until you turn those leads into sales. This is what successful salespeople do. They work the pipeline.

Your sales pipeline should be packed full of customers who have given you all kinds of excuses. You know the ones. They told you they weren’t going to buy today when you gave them a test drive. Customers who came through via the internet, but never showed up at the lot, because they were too busy or changed their mind. Most salesmen believe that if they didn’t close the deal when the lead first hit the floor or their email account, then it was a lost cause. This is a terrible way to practice sales. If you could land one out of ten of those leads, would you take it? We think you would. Even if you don’t, you’re creating relationships that they won’t forget.

Work out those leads in order of the time they came in, and reasons why they didn’t buy. Understand anything you can about the individual and reach out. Customers remember when you take the time to reach out, especially when it doesn’t mean money in your pocket. Offer them some info, even if they say they don’t want your brand of vehicle. You never know when they’re going to change their mind or need a second vehicle. Someone will need a vehicle. Maybe their son will need one. Maybe a relative will be sending a kid off to school. They will recommend you based on the good experience.

Customers remember the relationship. This may seem like a good amount of work because it is. Each sale takes a lot of work, and if you want to come out on top, you have to be working those leads at all times. One of the biggest complaints you will hear from potential customers is that they didn’t get called back. It’s true. It seems simple, but most people don’t like picking up the phone these days. Don’t fall into the trap. Check out more at

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