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The interview process can be unnerving no matter what profession or job type you’re going for. Most of the time you really have no idea what to expect, and each profession has its own set of thought processes and questions that come along with the interview. If you’re not ready with answers, things can go in an awkward direction quickly and in vehicle sales, each customer interaction is kind of like an interview, so you want to be sharp at all times. The team here at Justplayin’ put together an idea of what you can expect at your interview at the dealership.

Normally, you’ll be dealing with a sales manager, and they’ll be throwing all sorts of questions your way, but you’re going to want to walk away with some basics yourself. What kinds of hours will you be required to work? How does the commission structure work at this specific dealership? Maybe there are bonuses or dealer demo situations to speak of.

The interviewer will want to walk away with some basics of their own. It’s important for them to know that you can perform the job and tasks involved, but they will make it their responsibility to find out if you’ll perform those tasks consistently. They want to know that you’ll sell vehicles, but also the dealership experience, so customers will want to come back even if the price may be a few bucks more than the guys one block over. People will pay a little more if the dealer experience is a pleasurable one, and the service is top notch. This is proven.

Be ready for anything. Your interviewer may put you through a day of hard work. You may be required to sell them a product on the spot. The idea is being able to talk and communicate well on the spot. Be ready to talk about yourself, be positive and energetic. The managers and other staff are looking to see your breaking points. They’ll give you a history of the dealership and an overview of the procedures and ins and outs of each department. Know your work history and why you have any gaps in there off the top of your head, because no matter where you go, they want to know why.

If you’ve never sold a vehicle in your life, don’t lie about it. Don’t try to come up with some story about how you helped family do it over some summer that they won’t find on record. If you fit the job, they’ll take you. If you’re a good salesperson, you’re a good salesperson, and they’ll want to be the first to mold you. If you make some story up, they’ll know before you start. If you have experience, then they’ll want to know about it and the procedures you followed elsewhere. There may be habits to break or some that they’ll be happy to carry over. The interviewer will also want to know your numbers. How did you perform, and what was your average gross?

With no experience, be prepared to answer some tough questions. They may ask you some open-ended ones that you should be prepared for. Is there a reason why you’re choosing to sell cars now? Is there something about our dealership you like? Tell me something you like about our vehicles? Why would you be good at selling vehicles and especially ours? Do you mind working extra hours, and have you ever before? Be prepared for questions like this, and have solid answers.

With experience, you may be asked about your past sales numbers. How do you like working on a commission based job? Did you make a lot of bonuses during your last job? How do you like working with sales managers? Would you consider taking a position as a sales manager in the future if offered? Take a minute and tell me why I should hire you. Be prepared.

Just be ready, and never give up. There are many people out there applying for these jobs, so keep bouncing and hitting interviews. You’ll land one.

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