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Being a great leader is not an easy task. Think about it. Just taking a job on the floor of a car dealership is rough to begin with, but managing the day to day tasks of a sales floor can be a huge challenge. Being great at it takes work, courage and some real time put in on honing in those leadership skills that most are not born with. Yeah, it’s hard work. The team here at Justplayin’ is here with some insight on how some of the best managers out there get the good work done.

First and foremost, you have to be consistent in your message. Whatever your dealership stands for, you have to convey that message and philosophy on a regular basis and practice it. You have to lead by example. Don’t preach one-hour lunch breaks and take two-hour breaks three times a week. You’ll lose their respect fast. If it’s a neat working environment you expect from your employees, then have a tidy desk and organized working environment. Your example is everything. It’s intimidating too.

Get it done. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but you have to walk the walk. If you say you’re going to employ the best in training to help elevate the service team, then get it done. If you’re going to renovate a certain part of the showroom, don’t just say it, plan it. Show them the process. Pool together every resource you have and back your words and potential with the power and mobility your employees need to see. Your team needs to see action. Once you speak and there are zero movements, you’re a sitting duck.

The competition. There’s no need to talk down about the competition, but you can talk about how you do things differently than the competition. This is for the employees only. Once you start talking to the customers about the competition, they’re thinking outside your dealership. Don’t do it. Your employees should feel proud to be working in your environment, and an understanding of how things work better there is just fine.

Be organized. Keep a record of everything. Have a separate folder for each of your employees, so you can easily access past meeting notes, vacation days and other info on the fly. Keep a list of your goals and make sure you’re checking them off. This really works and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Your employees aren’t the only ones who need a boost here and there.

Help your team, and manage your team. There’s no need to micromanage, but they need your presence known. When their numbers fall, help them rise above. Keep them motivated. When their numbers are flying high, make sure they’re not becoming complacent. Never assume that the best salespeople won’t have bad days or even months. Be there to remove obstacles in their paths. Don’t deflate their self-esteem, but be strong. They should fear you slightly but respect you always. Hopefully, they’ll like you too. You just have to make a connection here and there to show them you’re human. Just don’t make the mistake of caring too much about being liked. This can get in the way of making serious decisions that will affect the overall good of your dealership or any business. It’s hard to fire people, or even tell people they’re making mistakes, but that’s what good managers do, so get used to it. A great leader is going to hold people accountable for their actions and bring out the best in them. That really sums up the job. Bring out the best for the overall good of the organization. There are a lot of tough decisions in between, but you can do it.

One more thing. Don’t forget to take a break, eat right and get some exercise. Your family is important. Your personal life is as important as your professional life. When one fails, the other will follow, so don’t neglect your body, mind, family, and home.

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