Let Go Of Cherry Picking

We weren’t too sure if the new generation still used the term cherry picking, but basically, the automotive industry is guilty of it and it’s not a good thing. Hand selecting the customers you think are serious buyers or have good credit can be detrimental to your bottom line. We’re working in a competitive marketplace, and if your job title is salesman or woman, then it’s your job to turn those impossible deals into golden opportunities.

Cherry picking is kind of like hitting the open water on a beautiful day. You take out your fishing rod and throw on a worm. Instead of casting out your line and covering some area, you try dropping your worm on the exact fish you want over and over again. I tried this method a bunch when I was a kid and it worked from time to time, but I ended up going home with one or two large fish, while everyone else had a bucket full of medium-sized fish. If I didn’t hit that one or maybe two, I was completely out of luck. My friends who would open themselves up to the school of fish always had options and had a pretty darn good chance of going home with dinner. The automotive industry and really any sales job works pretty much the same way. You start narrowing yourself down to a select few and you’ll find yourself going home eating off the dollar menus at your favorite fast food joints.

Think about it. Digital marketing and a rollercoaster economy is slowing traffic on your showroom floor to begin with. Now, you’re passing off customers to other salespeople. Maybe the other salesperson won’t sell that indecisive person a vehicle. Maybe that potential customer will walk out on them and you were kind of right. Why did I say “kind of?” Well, just because the other salesperson didn’t sell them the vehicle, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have. You may have made a better connection. The chemistry could be there and the customer will make a purchase if they feel good about you. You may be a better salesperson. There’s no excuse for not trying in the sales game, and really, you should welcome the challenge!

What if their credit is less than stellar? Go with it. They may get a higher interest rate. It’s a choice they have to make. Customers don’t walk in completely clueless. They check their credit in advance and these days have a pretty good idea of what they should be paying for their vehicle of choice. They know the fair price and payment options. The question is, will you give them the best dealer experience? That’s what they’re looking for, and yes we’ve said it before. The dealer experience is the last piece of the puzzle, so when you pass off that indecisive customer because they say they may not be buying today, or they may have lower than customary credit, you’re passing on business. You’re passing on business for today, and future business. Credit scores change. Customers who come in not ready to buy, but have a great test drive with you, could very well sign on the dotted line within the hour. Toss on that salesman or woman cap and keep up the hard work. You’ve got this.

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