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Customer Feedback and Constructing A Proper Survey

Your sales team may be the most important part of the well-oiled machine when it comes to keeping those vehicles moving off those lots, but there’s another important factor being overlooked by many dealerships across the country for the wrong reason. The reason is ego, and the factor is customer feedback. Customer feedback is the most important tool we can use as managers and owners to tweak our business practices and bring smiles to those responsible for helping us bring home the bacon. Our customers are our lifeforce and they are not always right, but most of the time they see what we don’t have the time to see or what we blind ourselves to because of ego. The customer feedback survey can be scary, needs to be constructed properly and will be a tremendous asset if you use it.

If you want positive feedback on social media and customers flowing onto your showroom floor, well, you need happy customers. You won’t know what makes them tick if you don’t get a constant understanding through research. It’s great to get some comments on social media, but not so great when they’re negative, so giving them a chance to vent on paper or via digital survey is best. The objective of the survey is to better your business, retain those customers, and make your experience better because now you’re dealing with satisfied car buyers. It’s a win-win.

The questions in a survey don’t all have to be negative. Ask them what they like about your products, services, pricing or level of customer service. Then ask them about how you could make changes to those same items for the better. Think about the possibilities here. Once you have enough feedback, you can categorize everything and make changes catered to the majority and market in the same respect. If they came in for service, ask them how their service situation was handled. Did you come in for the same service more than once? Why did you choose our dealership for service over a local shop? Why did you choose our dealership to buy your vehicle over another dealer? Now, you can get some insight into why you stand above the competition, and again, you can capitalize and grow that scenario in ways you never thought of.

Another very important question to consider is whether they will come back to your showroom for a future purchase. Car salespeople rarely see past the present sale, but you have to think about relatives and friends. There are always recommendations, and kids going off to school. People tend to go where they feel comfortable and do not enjoy change. Give them a stellar experience, and they will come back. Whether they answer yes or no, you also want to know how you can improve. This is a great question to ask them face to face too. Be sincere, and make sure your ego doesn’t get in the way. Don’t offer excuses. Just take the criticism and apologize for it. Offer them something to get them back in the future.

When it comes to the survey, just make sure it’s not too complicated. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and it should be easy to use. If it’s digital, there should be easy boxes or circles to check off and an obvious submit button. Don’t collect too much info, or you’ll lose them. Test it on your employees and get their feedback. Then get it out and start collecting data. It’ll be the best move you’ll ever make.

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