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Everyone has a bit of a different take on big data, but it all boils down to basically one thought process. Big data consists of huge amounts of information about people just like you, and these data sets are analyzed by computer systems. Once they’re analyzed, we can see patterns, trends and then anyone looking to make a buck can understand your behaviors and how you interact with certain types of marketing. It may sound scary or even like spying, but it’s imperative that you use all the data you can get your hands on to boost your Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising game. PPC is the most efficient way to hit your audience, but only when paired with solid data. Without the data, it’s no different than sending out 20,000 direct mail pieces to a bunch of zipcodes hoping that one percent responds.

Data collecting isn’t anything new, and it’s certainly nothing to feel bad about. We’ve been hitting customers via direct mail to their mailboxes, email and have even called them during dinner time. All of this is based on data collected over the decades. Now, we collect data via computer systems and it’s much more efficient, so it seems scary and wrong, but as long as it’s legal and the customer opted in, use it.

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If you’re using platforms like Google ads, Facebook or even Twitter, then the data is at your fingertips. When you start to dig in you’ll access the net worth of your potential customers, profiles on shoppers, and even eating habits. While searching in Google’s ad network you can research dozens of categories of products and the people that are interested in buying them. If you’re selling frying pans, it helps to narrow your target audience down to kitchenware at least, and who knows how much closer you can get to your desired target.

Don’t forget about those very important keywords. They’re one of the more important pieces of the PPC puzzle. Again, data will offer you a spotlight on the words that matter most, but it’s not all fun and games. You need to take your ads and campaigns seriously. Having a professional on the job at all times makes a world of difference. Keywords lose their luster. Potential customers may not find your headlines favorable after a few weeks. Bidding on keywords to keep your cost per click at a minimum can be a chore. Data is everything in the world of PPC, but having the right digital marketing firm on the job will keep your costs way down and your traffic through the roof.

Richie Bello over at basis every move he makes in the digital world on big data. When asked about the importance of blending big data with PPC he stated, “It’s not just important, it’s the difference between precision and working blind. With the right amount and mix of data, you’re sure to hit your target audience every time. I’ve been seeing the results for years now, and there’s no denying it.” Always check in with for more on everything you want to know auto.

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