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Being a sales manager is not an easy job. A powerful manager will take time on a daily basis to think about the role they play in each and every employee’s world and how that affects the overall machine that is your business or car dealership. It’s a huge responsibility. As a sales manager, you have everyday tasks to take care of yourself, but then you’re overseeing the tasks of the many and how those tasks fit together as a whole. The problem is, there are so many issues to deal with on a daily basis that it’s hard to think strategically regularly. What do you do to set yourself apart? Well, you make the time. It’s not easy. To set yourself apart from the competition out there, you have to do things differently, and believe me, there aren’t many doing this.

One of the most important places to start with is with your actual team. That’s right! Did I lose you? Most managers don’t spend their time working with and managing their team. You don’t have to micromanage, but you do have to put the time in. It’s important to work with those who aren’t meeting their numbers, but it’s a huge mistake to overlook those who are beating the numbers. When you’re a winner, the drive to win can start to become a thing of the past, especially when there’s no real competition on the showroom floor. Having a sales manager pushing you and setting new goals can ignite that fire and keep the burn alive. Don’t ever take that for granted. Always take the time to coach your best and use your best to help coach your next in line. It’ll only help build comradery and a stronger sales team. You’ll also be grooming future managers.

Another huge mistake you can flip the coin on immediately is taking on the work of your employees. This is a common mistake sales managers make on a daily basis. Everyone wants to be needed and helping others makes us feel good inside, but when you’re running a showroom floor every second counts. You need to be delegating and overseeing the sales process not taking on other’s problems. Hold your employees responsible for their actions, and have them solve their own problems. The more you take on their tasks…the more they’ll bring you their tasks. It’s a vicious cycle and you’ll be the one to blame. If you find that your team is having trouble completing tasks, sit them down and help them prioritize. A good manager will help their team schedule and organize their day. There has a to be a process in place, and if team members don’t want to follow that process, then that’s on the employees and not the manager.

It’s a tough job, but you can do it. If you want to keep those cars rolling off the showroom floors, you just have to be willing to put in the time and take a step back now and then to think of new approaches that keep your employees interested, excited, and on their toes. It’ll keep things interesting for you too.

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