Negotiating With Your Customers Is A No Go

Negotiating With Your Customers Is A No Go

It’s the most dreaded part of the deal. Sometimes you may get a customer that loves the art of good negotiation, but in most case, negotiation is a bad word and customers and salesmen don’t want to deal with it. There are ways to make the sale, get them the fair price they’re looking for and let them walk away with all teeth intact. Just playin’ calls it the Art Of The No-Negotiating

First off, don’t use the word. While we researched for this blog, we found that the word negotiate is used all too often in the business, and it brings on cold feelings that are more condo complex than a pre-owned vehicle for the family. These are average people looking to spend five to fifty thousand dollars on a vehicle. We’re not trading stock on the exchange. No negotiations are necessary. Let us work out the details. Let us see where we can save some money. Soften up a bit.


If the price isn’t working out, see if the vehicle can be altered in some way. Talk about their options a bit. Maybe they can come down a class. Maybe they can go up a class, but buy an older model in the same great condition and save some money. Show them that you’re trying to find a way to meet their needs.

When a customer comes up with a monthly payment or purchase price that seems completely off the wall, don’t make them feel unintelligent about it. Don’t roll your eyes or huff and puff. Listen to them and ask them how they came to that conclusion. You’re the expert, right? Then be a professional and explain to them calmly why they will be paying more no matter where they end up. They may even go find out for themselves, but they’ll be back if you inform them like a human being.

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They may tell you they have a better price elsewhere. Don’t sweat it! Why do car salesmen always go into defense mode when someone tells them they found a better price. If they found a better price somewhere else, why are they standing in your showroom? You already won. Just go with it. You have the upper hand. Make like nothing is happening and give them the best price you can, while being the best salesmen you can be.

Make sure you’re sold before you sell them. Are you sold on the deal, the dealership and the vehicles you’re selling? Do you believe in your product? If you don’t, they’ll know it. If you truly listen to each customer and know each and every one of your products on the lot, then you’ll know what vehicle fits what person. Most of the time, they’ll tell what they want, but you’re going to come across plenty who are walking in circles and it’s your job to get in their heads and put them behind the wheel. If they walk in, and you can’t guide them in any way, you’re done. Salesmen should listen, but they can’t be all questions all the time. They have to be experts. They have to spot a college student and know that if that kid is going to get his or her degree in the mountains of Pennsylvania, there are 7 vehicles on the lot that make the most sense.

One more thing. Customers hate being left alone so you can have your conversation with the manager. The back and forth 3 times with the manager routine is old and the customer feels uncomfortable and almost bullied during the process. Even if you think you’re being a saint, it’s intimidating for most customers to have the shadow manager in the back office. Think about it. It’s not friendly. It’s cold and they probably picture some guy smoking a cigar, looking a ta camera, laughing at them while pretending to drop the price. Remember, these people have Google at their fingertips. They know what these vehicles are worth long before they meet you.

In the end, you’re always going to have to change it up for each and every customer. That’s the name of the vehicle selling game. Just remember it’s always better to No-Gotiate! Always check in with for more on everything you need to know auto.

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