People are born every day but sadly great men aren’t found every day. Remember the argument “great men are not born they are made?” well I throw my weight behind the proposition. Great men are made of men and women with a strong will to be relevant, hence to go the extra mile to do extraordinary things all the time. Some of them are well-known, looking at the case of Kirk Gibson for example; remember Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit home run in game 1 in the 1988 World Series? Will tell you about it:

What made that moment amazing was the fact that Gibson was injured and had no leg strength whatsoever. He wasn’t even expected to play! What’s more, he didn’t initially suit up for the game. Yet, he was called on to do something extraordinary.

Armed with a strong will and determination Gibson hit that home run with just upper body strength. Winning that game was the catalyst that moved the Dodgers to ultimately win the World Series. He did this without letting what had happened to him in the past get to him.

There are a heck of a lot more situations to look up to and they aren’t all too well-known like some others. For example, consider the strong will of single moms who successfully raise their children because their husbands probably kicked the bucket or just ran away, Looking into the past in such situations will save no one. Just think of people who are obviously disabled, yet they accomplish amazing feats. With strong will and a habit of looking over the past you can do extraordinary things all the time, just like the super moms, super sportsmen or politicians!

Certainly, a strong will plays a role and you do well to cultivate it by looking over the past.

Accomplishing Extraordinary Success Requires Determination

If you’re looking to accomplish extraordinary feats, you need as much determination as skill. What is determination? Here are some symptoms to consider: persistence, resolve, steadfastness, dedication. Determination involves sticking with something or following through to completion. Never giving up on a desired goal also comes to mind. What burning desire do you have within that drives your will all the way? What do want to do with your life? Maybe your ultimate goal is to become:

  • An accomplished musician
  • The CEO of a major company
  • Rich with a seven-figure income
  • An online entrepreneur
  • A famous athlete or actor / actress

Any major goal in life requires determination. The quality of determination will help you get through the toughest obstacles. Determination doesn’t accept failure as an option.

Determination Leads One Man to Great Success

When you cultivate determination that cannot be stopped, you’ll accomplish great things. You’ll always come off a winner.
“There has never been a great and strong man with an easy past” even if there were, this quote is your cue to stand up, slap your face to reality and get working.

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