Posting on Facebook Vs Live video !!!!!!

You have made a decision to launch your business and you decided to make use of Facebook to grow your business and expand your brand. It’s great that you have made some stride in your business and you’re moving towards strengthening your social media strategy by posting content on Facebook. Next, you get onto Facebook and you’re posting and sharing, and nothing is happening. You are wondering, why isn’t anyone responding to you?
Did you notice that nowadays, many people have begun to go live on social media? With live streaming social media apps getting started with live video and making it possible for their users to easily go live and generate videos for their followers. It’s not a surprise that many businesses are getting involved and making use of this technique to their advantage. Therefore, you’re thinking which one is more effective between Facebook and Live Video?
What’s More Effective?

You may feel a bit unsure about the first time you make use of social media live video, but it’s worth investing some time, money and effort.
1. Live Videos Are More Interesting Than Other Content
You will get much more interest by putting up a live video. While you can post a video that you have previously recorded, it is definitely worthwhile having a go with a social media live feed because they are more interesting and appealing that pre-recorded videos. Your audience will enjoy watching something at the actual moment it’s happening. It helps them to get an understanding of the real you or the real business that you’re operating.
2. Help Remind Your Followers about You
Anytime you go live on social media, it’s a fast way to get in contact with your audience and let them know that you are active online. Your followers will receive a notification that you have gone live, and you will be able to see the number of people who are engaged with you and are watching the video as it is live.
3. Engage In Real Time
Live video is one of the best ways of making it possible for your audience to know more about you and stay more interested in what you’re offering. People watching the video are able to share their ideas and comment in real time. You can get a viewpoint of live video through Facebook live with Richie Bello.

4. It’s Straightforward and Accessible
It’s very easy to start a live video on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you have a smartphone or a PC, you are most likely well prepared. The cameras on today’s smartphones provide video quality which could only be found on standalone video cameras. You can also watch live videos with your personal computer. It makes things easy.
For many years, video has been the preferred form of internet access. If most people online are engaging in video, it makes sense that your marketing efforts should take advantage of the growth of live streaming. Do you need more tips on making use of live video? Check out this website


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