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Establishing a successful business requires more than capital and promos, impeccable attention to detail is a value that must be adopted and utilized. Speaking of attention to detail, a lot of business managers are guilty of taking care of the obvious requirements and frequently fail to notice the trivial things that can be put in order to get the business booming. Nobody forgets that it is important to drive traffic to their business place or website, but is your website persuasive enough to help you hold down a potential customer without saying too many words to them? You’ll probably say yes to the question, but if you are thinking the generic stuff like sales copies, responsive website, etc., then you still need to hear me out.

Nothing makes a prospective customer become an actual customer like recommendations. This is no rocket science, it is just easier to purchase an item after your colleague or neighbor tells you that it is okay to get it. Now, on the internet, the chances of meeting your neighbor or colleague on a vendor’s site might be very slim, but via review platforms prospective customers can get the recommendations they need to patronize your business.


This is where SoTellUsAuto comes in, a review platform that cannot go wrong. Most business owners or managers avoid creating a review platform on their webpages because it could go wrong when you are getting more negative reviews than needed. Rival businesses may even seize the opportunity to drive your business to the ground by leaving damning reviews falsely.

The SoTellUsAuto platform, lets you master the review game and get more positive words about your products and services in the faces of the right people.

How it works?

Sometimes, even when there’s a review page, customers fail to leave any review at all for personal reasons. Using the platform, you can easily send customers responsive prompts with direct links to leave a review for your business.

Now, what if they leave negative reviews? Do not beat yourself up, the SoTellUsAuto platform is wired to automatically feature only the positive 4 and 5-star reviews on your page. This way your website is going to glow with loads of kind words about your business and since people love recommendations, you might just notice somewhat an 84% improvement in sales according to our tests.

So, if your business gets “Googled”, searchers will be greeted with a few positive words before they even get to the webpage, and using the SoTellUsAuto platform, you can drive these reviews to your social media fanbase in a very simple process.

Since we believe heavily in this system we are offering a 30-day free trial before any obligations that might ensue after. This way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if it works out, and it will. Remember, you cannot take anything for granted when there’s a bunch of rivals out there and same customers to compete for.


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