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Things can get stale in the automotive industry. How many times can you offer $1000 cash back, or zero percent financing and expect waves of people to fill your showroom floor? It’s just not exciting. 50 years ago, a bank could offer someone a toaster and people would come. Today, the game has changed. Customers want to be a part of something. The team at Justplayin’ has put together a list of ideas to keep in the back of your head, just in case you want to add some bells and whistles to your floor and get those customers flowing in.

Hold a community car safety workshop. Promote and invite the community to the showroom or lot, and be prepared to educate them on vehicle safety. I’m not just talking about wearing a seatbelt. How about the importance of keeping the proper tire pressure. Then, show them how to do it. Believe it or not, most kids going off to college don’t know how to check tire pressure and certainly don’t know how to add air to their tires. Why are oil changes important? How do you install a baby seat properly? What do I do if that check engine light comes on? The public will thank you for these handy tips, and if you feed them some snacks, you’ll make some best friends.

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Have a free car wash. It’s an easy way to get them onto your lot. This is a chance to show off your clean, pristine and perfectly lined up vehicles. Your attentive staff will be on hand, ready to offer each customer something to drink or eat and maybe some kind of promotional incentive to make them want to come back and take a look at your vehicles. Free always works.

Get them sharing. Have your team to create an awesome dealership based video once a week at least. Share it to Facebook, and let your audience know that if they share it, they will be entered to win a raffle or great prize. This is what we like to call free advertising, but make those videos appropriate, creative and fun.

How about an anniversary oil change? That’ll lure them in. How much does an oil change really cost you? Well, wish them a happy anniversary by sending them a free or extremely low priced oil change and put on a show. Your free cup of coffee, bagel, and attentive staff will win them over and might even close the deal on a future purchase or service appointment.

Involve the staff in promotions. Don’t try to come up with everything on your own. You’d be surprised at what your employees will dream up. Keep those ideas flowing, but never let it get stale.

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