Whatever your sales strategy is, one thing is certain in a dealership, you want to make as much sales as you can. That’s basically how business works anyway. To make sales, your dealership is going to need customers or at least, visitors to come into the showroom and check your automobiles out. Now, customers don’t just waltz into automobile showrooms from the streets, especially when you are not Bugatti, Ferrari, or any of the top manufacturers. You can either sit back and wait for customers to troop in, or make it happen in an act called prospecting.


Prospecting is often considered as a necessary step on the way to persuading customers to give your dealership a look in. It involves a process where sales reps or personnel identify potential customers and follow them up with outbound calls and emails presenting exciting offers and automobiles. If done effectively, these prospects will make time out to come see your showroom.

Now, waiting for a walk-in is something you’d be doing if you weren’t prospecting. All you must do here is wait for a passerby to notice your dealership by the corner and decide to come in.

Nearly 95% of automobile owners didn’t just purchase a car from a random dealership. Everyone wants to buy a car from a trusted dealership that guarantees to deliver a quality automobile and customer service. Now, any dealership can offer a lead these two, but a customer is more likely to go with the dealership he/she has established some trustworthy relationship with via emails or calls.

There are a few customers out there who do not mind purchasing an automobile from a dealership they hardly know, but that just makes up 5% of the potential automobile customer base. If your strategy is to wait for a walk-in, then you must also know that you are in a stiff battle with a lot of dealerships that depend on a walk-in.

If there was a top 10 list of customers who scrutinize a dealership and automobile before making a purchase, automobile customers would be right at the top. You could say they are a little too careful, but if I wanted to buy a car, I would be as careful, and I suppose you too. Owning the wrong car can be very agonizing, especially for customers who spend hard earned money to make such a purchase.

Prospecting will often prove to be the most effective strategy for a dealership looking to close the careful customers of the automobile industry. There are also a few customers who may not want a car now, but nay do in a few months. If you prospect well enough, you can start making a future sale from the present.

Waiting for walk-ins might work within other industries but not as well in the automobile one. Prospect to your leads effectively and see your sales and stock rise.

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