Any sales manager is expected to provide telephone sales training to his sales representatives. This way the sales representatives will learn how to handle sales calls in an accurate manner and be persuasive in a gentle manner. Below there are a few basics given for telephone sales training.


Work on pitching:

As sales representatives, the trainees must modulate their voices in order to sound outstanding over the phone. They need to work on pitching constantly. It is very important that they modulate their voice while interacting with clients and customers. The pronunciation, speed, volume and enunciation are very integral to their daily performance. All these have great impact, they encourage better comprehension.


Selling skills:

These people should be taught how to be persuasive without being too pushy. They need to have a thorough knowledge of the products they are promoting; this will enable them to answer any query your prospects might have. Patience is the word here. They need it in abundance because telephone marketing is no easy job.


Handling objections:

Many times prospects raise objections about the products. The sales representatives should be confident enough to address these types of objections without getting tense. These types of objections could be quite harsh for them at times but it is very much a part of the job to handle. Telephone sales training is all about teaching them how to be in control under any situation.


They cannot afford to sound scripted:

Sales representatives mostly read what they tell the prospects. They should be careful enough not to be obvious while doing it. They must be taught how to break monotony using their voice inflections. Sounding upbeat and at the same time enthusiastic will influence the decision of the prospect in buying your products.


Closing sales:

Close ended questions must be avoided at all costs. These types of questions will kill the sale. If sales representatives ask the prospects if they are going to buy and the answer is no then your business will surely be on a losing end.

Dealerships that have completed the phone skill training program tend to have achieved up to a 50% higher closing ratio. It is okay to get deals from anywhere, one on one prospecting, internet marketing, media marketing, or even the telephone marketing. With telephone marketing it is more than a phone call; your sales rep will struggle to close deals over the phone except they are anchored to a training process to brush them up on the need-to-knows.

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