Richie Bello’s Game Face Monday LIVE On Importance of Apps on Current Buying Market

Richie Bello’s Game Face Monday  LIVE On Importance of Apps on Current Buying Market

Richie Bello’s Game Face Monday February 22nd at 1:00 PM Eastern talks business  on the importance of assessing technology and how apps are impacting the car shopping experience. Richie just returned from Phoenix where he went LIVE last Monday with a BDC panel, then met with Shop Smart Autos big data partners, and BDC operators. Phoenix is home of Richie’s non-profit for veterans. Launching ShopSmartAutos. app and working through new developments on the non-profit for veterans while in Phoenix, created perfect material. for this week’s show. Top apps include facebook, Instagram and others like Pinterist. What that tells us is that the inclusion of app technology is. going to remain an important part of the car shopping journey. Take Tik Tok, a realitivly new comer in social media giants. Tik Tok reported that 59.8% of their users are between the ages of 20 and 49. The age group before that was10-19 at over 30%. Dealers will see shoppers coming into the showroom, but 85% of the journey to their next new vehicle will be  done online. Richie feels that dealers should take comfort in that and make sure the car shopper is received and the sales personnel are trained, because with apps like ShopSmartAutos, the shopper will already have built a trust for the dealer and is looking at a specific vehicle that the dealer has in inventory. ShopSmartAutos promotes consurmers to VIN specific offers made by the dealer, allowing the dealer and the shopper a one on one opportunity. Shoppers appreciate the exclusivity as much as the dealers. Richie and co-host Arthur Early will drive the show on the importance of apps in the car buying journey. ShopSmartAutos creates a seamless end to end experience for the car buyer. The app will handle shopping to scheduling a test drive or virtual view, calculating trade in, monthly payments and financing on new, used and certified pre-owned. Richie Bello’s Game Face Monday LIVE  at 1:00 pm Eastern is one that management, marketing directors and BDC operators will appreciate.

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