Are you following up with your customers after they have received their purchase from you? If not, you are missing out on future re-orders, party bookings and referrals.

Following up with your customers is an important part of your business. Customers need to know that you value their business. When you follow up with a customer, make it short and sweet. Don’t badger them to immediately make another purchase or to book a party from you. Customers don’t need to be harassed for future sales. You can do a customer follow-up via email, a postcard mailing or by phone.

When should you do customer follow up?

A lot of businesses and dealerships remember to follow up on their customers after a failed transaction. This is quite common among sales personnel because a sale has not been completed yet, and the direct benefit of success here would be sales.

However, not a lot of sales personnel explore the prospective benefits of doing a pro sales follow up. After a client or customer goes home with a deal, do you just let them go? Do you think they just bought all they could buy in one life time? Of course, not.

Go back to these seemingly happy customers and make them happier by checking on how they are enjoying their new purchase. See if they have any complaints which need attending to. A lot of customers who are unsatisfied with your service do not come back to complain. They just decide never to come back to your business place. Doing pro sales follow up on these individuals will work to sway their decisions and have them give you a couple more tries.

There are also the section of customers who love your products and services but do not fall in love easily. They need you to woo them by doing pro sales follow up. There are a bunch of dealerships or stores selling same products and services as you. These set of customers just buy from wherever they please because nobody has followed up on them to wish them well or send a Christmas card to them. They literally think it is silly to want to go back to the same store to buy something they will easily find anywhere. So, get in there and woo them with well-executed sales follow up conversation.

You will find that if you keep your customer follow-up calls loosely structured that you’ll get the best results. Keep your verbiage short, sweet and to the point. Never waste your customer’s time on phone, keep calls under ten minutes unless the customer is doing the talking.

If you have the permission of the customer, you could send them an email to do your customer post sale follow-up…however, you should only do this if you have their permission to contact them via that route. If not, then you can get into trouble with your ISP for spamming the customer.

Your other option is to mail out a customer care postcard. Make sure you include your contact information on that postcard.

The most important thing is to take the time out of your busy schedule and do customer follow-ups. Show your customers that you care and that you appreciate their business.



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