• Ten trained salesmen are better than a hundred untrained.
  • Unleash your salesmen with sales training
  • Help your salesmen with good sales training and they will help your dealership in return
  • If you think you are doing alright try again after employing sales training and tell me how you do.
  • You don’t have super salesmen till you have trained salesmen.
  • Success starts from preparation so prepare your salesmen
  • Great things are achieved by learning the little things
  • There’s always room for that tiny little bit of improvement, are you going to take it?
  • The planting season is tedious but you have to plant before you harvest
  • There is only one secret to being at the top, climbing.
  • There’s no room for talent in sales only a well-trained sales team excels.
  • Trained salesmen will give you a larger and happy customer base and this just means more sales.
  • You can only sit at the top if you do what it takes to sit on your competition, training.
  • Do you really want leads or customers?
  • Get ready for the battle before the battle, that’s the thing about sales training
  • You are only as good as you appear and your salesmen are how you appear.
  • It is okay if you are happy with your sales but is your competition happy with their sales?
  • Are your sales men good enough to be sold?
  • If no one is trying to poach your salesmen you are missing something.
  • The salesman has to present your product to the customer. Now how good is your presenter?
  • A clerk is a salesman without sales training. So do you need clerks or salesmen?
  • How much impression does your sales team make from your exposure?
  • Winter is only beautiful if you prepared your blankets, jackets and fire places. Prepare your salesmen for winter.
  • Guess what? Your competition is training their salesmen. What are you doing?
  • The best warriors often go home with the exploits like the trained salesmen.
  • It takes skill to attain success. If you don’t have it start training already.
  • Excellence is only attained by work.
  • There’s more to salesmanship than meets the eye
  • Impressions from appearances matter. How do your salesmen appear?
  • We can all jump, but only the trained jumpers make the NBA.
  • A motivated salesman is a Spartan warrior.
  • You don’t want a thousand warriors, only 300 hundred Spartans.
  • The dealership is in the hands of your sales man. Are those capable hands?
  • How many times has your competition beaten you to a sale? Think it’s time to train the sales team for the next round?
  • The sales team is an investment. Are you getting a good ROI?
  • It is not mere sales, this is war. So bring your best men.
  • If you overlook the sales team you overlook the sales.
  • If your salesmen are not selling incredibly they are receptionists.
  • Does your sales team actually sell or do they just hand over the goods?
  • Passion is almost all you need, and sometimes you have to show the team this.
  • A quality sales team is a fixed asset.
  • Without sales training your sales team might just be a bunch of recruits.
  • Every pack needs a leader, even the sales team pack.
  • You only get better with training
  • ‘Better’ yields ‘more’. Make your sales team better.
  • Without the right team you will earn the wrong results.
  • Training hard makes the fight easy
  • You need the right tools to get the job done.
  • Without training and practice you can only show potentials, not reach them.
  • No one got worse for training.
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