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Sometimes in the world of vehicle sales, it’s easy to sit back and rely on our superiors to market the dealership and wait for the customers to come walking in the doors. If they don’t walk in, well, you can point the finger at anyone but yourself for the lack of traffic on the floor right? Most of the time, yes, but there are ways for you to bring home the dealership bacon, and blow the other salespeople away. Justplayin’ has a few ideas on how you can self-market, and bring the customers right to your desk.

Get yourself on social media. This may seem obvious, but there’s more to it than just grabbing some friends on Facebook. Stay positive. Watch what you post. Join car dealer circles and other groups out there that exist to offer one thing, positive energy. Social media has become a hangout for people with negative attitudes. Become that diamond in the rough. Positive people in the social media world stand out and believe me, they’ll take notice. It’s kind of like radio advertising. Almost every car ad you hear on the radio is some guy screaming at you about zero percent financing, or about time running out. You start to get lost, and have no idea which dealership you’re listening to, and are you really going to remember that phone number while you drive? The answer is no. Then, someone comes on the radio and engages you in conversation. They treat you like an intelligent person, and you’re in. You’re part of something. That’s what proper social media skills are all about. Offer them something intelligent, humorous but not tacky and make them an offer they can’t refuse…as long as it’s real. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Get out there on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter if you have to. Offer some tips and tricks for saving money. Offer some safety rules for the kids going back to college. Tell them how not to get screwed at the mechanic. Just stay positive, and they’ll love you for it.

Use that phone for something good. Video marketing is huge, and you should be doing it. Customers are searching for reviews on youtube constantly. They want electronics reviews, location reviews and they certainly want vehicle reviews. Be the expert. Create one or two-minute video tours of the vehicles on your lot. Show your customers your knowledge of each vehicle. Always close with a general statement explaining how you have many more like this one waiting for them today. Dress for success. Always smile and be friendly. You can even create short videos on car buying tips. Show your customers what to look for when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Show them the signs of a bad purchase. Learn a little about keywords and SEO and between your social media pages and free youtube channel, you’ll be generating leads within weeks.

It takes a little work to self-market, but once you get the ball rolling it’s easy. Richie Bello of Richie Bello Blogs has been self-marketing for years. Try typing his name into Google and you’ll see what you get. Bello offered, “It’s a different world today. Salesmen should be thrilled that they have the web at their fingertips. You learn a little about marketing yourself there and have a passion for what you do, and the money will come.” Bello has made a name for himself in the automotive industry for his training techniques, positive attitude and speaks to thousands each year motivating them to take their careers to the next level.

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