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You want to be the best in the sales game, but maybe you’ve been tossed in head first and you’re just treading water. Maybe you’re gaining ground, but you’d like to ramp up the progress a bit? We don’t blame you, and the team here at Justplayin’ has some more tips on how to stay on top of your game and keep your sales numbers going in the right direction.

Stay on top of your deals. A low performer will let things go. Write down those numbers. Keep logs on every new potential customer. Have the best guess on what their next move will be and have a counter ready. You constantly have to be analyzing your numbers, excuses for not buying and results, whether good or bad.

This is huge. Be the best listener in the business. This is a forgotten talent. Salespeople of today are always thinking about the next deal or the deal they may have lost because of the customer they’re currently with. If you remember one or two key details they mention and pull them out later on to their surprise, they’ll think you’re some kind of magician. Customers love when you remember options they’re interested in or something about their children. Most don’t listen today, so you’ll be way ahead of a good portion of the other salespeople out there.

You have to follow up. There are not many people with this mechanism built in, and it’s too bad. Picking up the phone and calling those leads and doing it on a regular basis until they bite is another forgotten art. They won’t come to you. There’s another salesperson out there that will call. We tested this theory at three dealerships, and two out of three did what they had two. In fact, one Nissan dealership had to be beaten off with a stick. They called the team at Justplayin’ twice a week for five weeks, until we asked to be taken off the list. Now that’s persistence. That’s working your pipeline. You have to line up those emails and phone numbers, do your research and when there’s downtime, make some calls. You should be making calls every day. While you’re working the floor, your emails and voicemails should be working at the same time. This way you’re working those leads while you’re potentially connecting with customers face to face on the showroom floor.

Most importantly, if you’re doing everything above, take a break. Don’t become a machine. You need proper rest, nutrition and family time. If your only thoughts are sales and money, then there’s really no point to any of this. Success is supposed to be enjoyed outside of the profession. There’s nothing wrong with loving what you do. In fact, that’s a rare situation and would be great to hear, but don’t become the job. Be the best you can be within reason, enjoy life, and always check out for everything you want to know auto.

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