Should You Be A Car Salesman

Normally we talk about being the best car salesman or woman you can possibly be, but what about the biggest question of them all. Should you be a car salesman? It’s a tough job, comes with all sorts of labels, long hours and you have to put in some seriously hard work. Not to mention, a commission based job can be rewarding and scary at the same time.

We’re not here at Justplayin’ to “sell” you one way or another, but we’re going to lay down the facts and tell you to give it the time this profession deserves. Actually, this may sound a little doom and gloom, but don’t forget, we’re pro auto here. There’s nothing that makes us happier than hearing about enthusiastic newcomers hitting the showroom floors. One of the biggest factors keeping people from taking a job in car sales is the commission. It’s nice to have a steady paycheck, and maybe some will pay you more in sales than others. A commission based job is work and it has its rewards once you’re on your a game and those checks come rolling in. It’s not digging ditches in subzero weather, but it’s a constant reminder that if you stop to play with your latest app, you’re not putting food on the table. Don’t let the ads fool you. You’re not going to make big money fast. It’s not easy money.

Here’s a bit of advice. If you’re going to take the plunge, give it a least a few months. The first month is the hardest. You’ll want to pull your hair out and walk out at least once a week. Take that month to learn the trade. Vehicle sales is a different animal and these 30 days will get you rolling. Not only are you dealing with a different type of career, but you’re dealing with a room full of different personalities. These are tired, hard-working people. Be patient. They’ll help you. Once you pass the initial 30, the next 60 will be your tweaking period. This is where you settle in. Learn the commission structure and start to understand any bonus packages offered for all those vehicles you’re going to be moving off the lot. Now, you’ve put in enough time to sit back and make an educated decision on whether or not this can be a long term career for you.


If you want to stick it out, the next decision comes soon enough. You’ll know if you’re cut out for the job, because you’ll be doing one of two things, growing or dying on the vine. If you’re only selling a few vehicles a month, you need to change your game, learn from the best around you and grow quickly. If you don’t have this type of attitude, you’re not cut out for this world. Stay positive. Believe in yourself. Wake up every day and tell yourself that you will find a way to move vehicles off that lot, and then find a way. Make a name for yourself and read up on ways to self promote. You can find plenty of info at

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