Social Media Management Engagement Drives Business Opportunities at Ancira Auto Group of San Antonio

Ancira Auto Group Social Marketing Customer Concern Resolution Creates Influencer Raving Fan


In the video clip below, April Ancira describes how she discovered an unhappy customer while using social media for her business for the first time, contacted that customer, resolved his issues and then learned the customer was the Director of Operations at San Antonio’s Seaworld.

This led to promotional tie-ins between the Ancira Auto Group and Seaworld of San Antonio, plus multiple new and used car sales to Seaworld employees…

Turn up the volume and watch this video for profound insights into using social media to grow dealership business.

Ernesto Ancira with Daughter April Ancira

Ernesto Ancira with his daughter April Ancira

Automotive Executive with over 20 years of experience in developing, designing, marketing, selling and delivering a variety of digital marketing technologies and professional services focused on enhanced marketing, sales and business process implementation. Experienced leader of OEM sponsored digital marketing, advertising, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales performance projects. A proven track record in leading technology deployment initiatives designed to deliver objectively measured sales performance results. Primary career focus has been on leveraging the use of information technologies, analytics and business process improvement to support integrated marketing and retail business development within automotive distribution channels. Areas of expertise include creative problem solving, information and data analysis, building trust-based relationships and coaching professionals into a team with common goals and consistent process. Demonstrated and recognized industry leadership in digital marketing content and channel development, concept presentation, internal and external consensus building, market research analysis, resource management, organizational development, strategic planning and business development, tactical technology implementation.

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