Social Media Tips for Car Salespeople

1. Look your best.
Your image is just as important in the digital world as it is in the real world. Online, your profile image is the first thing prospective clients will see. Make a good impression with a professional image that isn’t too stuffy, but still makes you look trustworthy and friendly.
The copy in your bio on any social network has to accomplish everything a greeting, handshake and an elevator pitch would do in person.
Write every word with your prospect in mind
Write in the first person, not the third.
Share your contact info.
2. Build authority, credibility and trust with the right content.
What are your customers’ most frequently asked questions?
What are the obstacles that are keeping them from buying?
Publishing content on your social channels that addresses their concerns, needs and desires will help you build credibility and authority.
3. Complete your LinkedIn profile.
There is no excuse for not taking advantage of free real estate to promote yourself. LinkedIn will guide you to “Create your Profile” (if you don’t have one already) and to complete it.
4. Do five things every day.
There’s a lot of “downtime” on the sales floor, amirite? Make use of your time by committing to doing five things everyday that will further your value with prospects. Here are some examples:
Like a post.


Share something newsworthy.
Comment on a post (but it must provide value to the conversation).
Wish Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to your connections.
Publish a relevant story or image.
Follow an influencer (and comment on their post).
Google yourself…then take action on what you see or don’t see.
Write an article on your blog, Facebook or LinkedIn.
Ask for a review.
5. Connect with existing clients, colleagues and other professionals you know in real life.
One of the great myths of social media is that having more connections is better. It’s actually the opposite. 100 meaningful connections are better than 10,000 vanity connections.
People you’ve met or already know in person are ideal to connect with on social media. They are much more likely to engage with you than some stranger whose profile pic is all you know about them.
Make It A Champion Day!

Brandon K. Hardison – Champion Strategies

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