Social Selling Works! Part III

Welcome to the third wave of ways you can post effectively while using social networks to self promote your showroom floor. It’s easy to sign up for a Facebook account or any social media account, and just start posting away about any thought you have, but you have to be careful. Politics live within the words of every sentence you put out there, and you can be turning off potential buyers on a regular basis without even knowing it. Your intentions can be good, but it’s no different than reading a book vs. watching a film. When you’re reading, words are what you make of them. Your reader cannot see your face, or understand your intentions, so take it from us at Justplayin’, take each post seriously.

1. Have them meet the management. Customers walk in with negative feelings towards management. Dealing with the salesman is one level of pressure, but once management gets involved, the sense of pressure hits new heights. You have an opportunity to offer up the human side to the generals in the back offices. Let your management team know in advance that they’ll be on camera, so they can be dressed appropriately and have something prepared to say. A simple hello, and we look forward to seeing you would suffice. No sales talk, and no personal invites to see them. That’s added pressure.

2. Video tour the service and finance departments. Finance will be a little shorter. Sorry to the folks in finance, but there’s only so much paperwork to look at on camera, but we need to put a face to this very important department too. Finance is the last stop. It’s where the sweat beads up, and the deals fall through. We want customers walking into finance with good feelings, and meeting your kind and courteous finance staff in advance through social media is where it’s at. Over in the service department, we want to see friendly, clean and vehicles being treated like gold. If you can grab the occasional testimonial, that’s always a plus. Just keep it positive.

3. Post about the industry overall. That’s right. You’re an expert, and people want to buy from an expert. What’s going on in the market? Why is it a good time to buy? What’s happening with finance rates, and what could happen to them in the near future? Do you know anything special about upcoming auto shows or new safety features in the works? Anything you can offer your audience that’s an asset to them is an asset to you.

Don’t forget. Any of these videos can be shot multiple times with different people, and a variety of subject matters. The industry one alone can be a weekly post that your potential customers look forward to. Quick hits of info like that are Snapchat gold these days. Basically, the three ideas above can easily turn into 15 to 20 videos for your social media outlets.

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