Social Selling Works

Social Selling Works!

Lets cut to the chase. Social media is where it’s at. Newspapers are becoming liners for the birdcages, and cellphones are basically an extension of the human body. Look around folks. You can’t go five minutes without spotting a mobile device and there’s a good chance, there’s one within 3 feet of you right now. Millennials and even older generations do not make decisions without them. Studies show that millennials will make their car buying decisions online before they come into your showroom, and they spend a good part of their day on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Put two and two together and you’ve got traffic on your floor. Don’t just sign up and toss posts out there. Make each post count, and let Justplayin’ give you some pointers.

Time and time again you’ll see posts touting a great deal. Posts about deals you won’t believe are a dime a dozen and Millennials don’t care. This generation of car buyers and they are buying up cars, trucks, and vans, are intelligent and want to be engaged. Again, this doesn’t only go for Millennials.

1. How about some advice. Do a posting offering up the potential car buyer some advice on trading in a vehicle. Maybe you can talk to them about how to prepare the vehicle to help raise the value. Answer typical questions about how to select a vehicle that’s appropriate for different types of people. One post can be about a vehicle for a family with children, but the next day your post can be about a kid going off to college. Now, you’re speaking to your audience. You’re showing you understand, and you care about the common issues that they face. It’s not just about numbers.


2. How about a quick tutorial? Pick a feature in a vehicle that most customers ask about. I’m sure you get a lot of calls about Bluetooth. Take them through the process of connecting their phone to the vehicle. Maybe choose a few vehicles and make a quick compilation video. You’ll be a hero! Another great one would be how to connect your garage door to that little button. I know I struggled with that in a couple of vehicles. Even if you can’t cover all the different vehicle types, in the end, tell them how to look it up in the owners manual. The manual may have all the answers, but how to look up certain questions can be a frustration to figure out. Be their go-to vehicle master!

3. Talk up your brand and what’s unique about you today. Just because you sold someone a vehicle 5 years ago, doesn’t mean they have a clue what you’re about today. Have the models changed? Has the financing process become easier? Anything exciting about interest rates? Again, we don’t want to scream about coming in for zero percent financing. We want to talk to them about many exciting and positive reasons why you’re excited for them to be a part of the family. Talk about the new coffee machine, and the great bagels you get from the awesome place next door. Talk about how nice it is to see children coloring and enjoying themselves while parents can view the vehicles in a stress-free environment. All of these things matter.

Part II is on the way. Be sure to always check in with for more on this and everything automotive.

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