Success Is All About Credibility

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned car salesman or woman there’s one thing that’ll make you a name in the business and keep them coming back in the future and that’s credibility. Customers have to believe in basically three or maybe four things. They need to feel that they are buying into a credible salesman, vehicle, dealership, and service department if you look at service separate.

It is one hundred percent true that your customers want you to be truthful, knowledgeable and friendly. They want you to listen and care about their needs, but their wants go beyond the salesperson. Let us start with the vehicle. Before they walk in, they’ve done some research. If there’s a recall or a bad review, you can be sure they know about it these days, so be honest. Find what’s positive about this vehicle. If the recall is taken care of, let them know that everything is replaced with factory parts and that there’s nothing to worry about. Show them on paper, so they feel comfortable and that you’re taking the time and effort to make sure their safety comes first.

Now, how about the dealership? That’s up to you. The team at Just playin’ knows that you can’t make it your responsibility to clean, organize and work on the attitudes of the staff of an entire car dealership, but you can put in a little effort. Make sure there’s coffee. Wipe away the extra crumbs near the bagels once in a while. Is your desk organized? Please don’t have half your lunch sitting out or this morning’s breakfast. Introduce your customer to other salespeople here and there and definitely to the staff who answer the phones, so they know who’ll they’ll communicate to before they hit your desk. Now, you’re building a relationship. The more staff they meet, the harder it is to say no.

Let’s move on to service. Service is a topic that gets eyes rolling immediately. Who really wants to have their vehicle serviced? There’s nothing like sitting in a room with a bunch of strangers watching the news, sipping old coffee and being ignored. Well, break that cycle. Introduce your new customer to the service staff. Introduce them to the fresh coffee and make them a cup, while talking to them about some award you’ve won or the great average wait times you offer. Maybe you can offer them a free oil change with the vehicle purchase, and give them a quick tour of the hopefully clean service center. Again, customers that form relationships with all aspects of their dealerships have a much harder time walking away. If they have nothing to latch on to, they seek out something more in the marketplace. Don’t forget, these customers, have children who need vehicles. They have friends and other family members who ask where they bought their vehicle. They will talk about their experience whether it was good or bad. As a salesperson, you have to create credibility and you’ll have a relationship that could last the span of your career. Always check in with for more on everything you want to know auto.

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