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There are two traps we can very easily find ourselves falling into while trying to make the climb in the competitive landscape we’re dealing with these days. We like to give our ear to negative people on a regular basis and surround ourselves with people who are on the same level or a few steps behind us professionally. Well, it makes us feel better right? Listening to someone complain about all their problems makes yours seem smaller. Plus, constantly knowing more than the guy or gal you’re working with makes you feel like some kind of guru. Huge mistake folks. The team here at Justplayin’ is going to let you know why you always want to surround yourself with people that are better than you at what you do and offer a positive attitude.

First of all, positive energy can be very contagious. If you hang around enough positive people on a day to day, you will begin to create your own positive energy. Spending time complaining about the same negative issues is the norm. We get it. It’s a release. It feels good at times to complain, but going on and on and hearing yourself and others spew negativity is like slowly poisoning yourself. It’s very hard to move forward with your day and tackle your responsibilities in an effective manner if your head is in a negative space. If you’re coming off laughing, sharing and solving problems instead of harping on them, and your endorphins are flowing, then you can inject that positive energy into everything you do. This is where productivity starts to ramp up and you can build on your positive feelings.

If you find that you just can’t hook up with positive people right away, find good coping skills to get yourself out of the funk. Coping skills can be found all over the web with a simple search, but find what you love. Do you enjoy video games? Do you enjoy a brisk walk? Go to the movies. Push yourself to take that break and if your friends or partner doesn’t want to go with you, too bad, go without them and find your balance. You deserve it and you need it to succeed.

This same concept can be applied to success in our professions. If we find ourselves surrounded with people who have zero motivation, or are a few steps behind us in the professional world then consider your growth complete. Your growth should never be halted. Even if you’ve reached the top, you should be surrounding yourself with people that have expanded beyond your knowledge base. This will keep you on your toes and will keep your business on track for constant success. Your competition is always learning, growing and struggling to keep ahead of the curve. You need to surround yourself with experts in the field and stay ahead at all times, or within a year or months, you will find yourself losing ground.

Seems pretty obvious right? Well, there’s one reason why most managers and owners don’t follow this thought process. It’s called ego. They feel that if they’re not the smartest person in the room, then their employees won’t respect or fear them. This is a huge mistake. Don’t make it. Surround yourself with the best and expect the best from them. It’s still your business, showroom floor or service department to run. Trust us, surround yourself and employees with positive energy and the best you can afford to have around in the business, and success will be knocking at all times.

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