Ten solid public speaking tips for your first-time experience

Ten solid public speaking tips for your first-time experience (PT. 1)
Are you looking for bliss? Do you want to ace that presentation, then you have come to the right place. Follow at least six (6) out of the listed ten (10), and you are well on your way to impressing yourself and your audience on your first public speaking presentation.

1. Grow your confidence & Dress Apart
Confidence is key. It’s as important as the presentation itself. Your confidence level will determine your voice projection and body language. I have another post on how to build your confidence, you can check it here.
These two basic things will make up the convincing part of your speech. Your dress pattern on the allocated day is also important. Put on something that makes you feel smart, beautiful or handsome and also sharp. Dressing increases your self-confidence, and it also has a lot to do with building a superior complex.
I tell my students, sometimes, you need to go shopping for a new pair of shoes and outfits. Take for instance; we all love to see how sharp and beautiful Michelle Obama always looks during her public speaking processes. So, put on that gorgeous Hillary Clinton blazer style, David Beckham smile and get set to rock your stage.
2. Get more information
When a topic is allocated to you, it is only wise that you practice and practice and practice again until you become absolutely well-read in that subject.

Having ample information on paper but most especially off heart has a lasting effect on the outcome of your speech. When you speak without looking down at the paper, you give an illusion of intelligence. People love and admire intelligent folks. So, this point cannot be overstressed.
You need to read, get abreast with past and contemporary examples associated with your topic, and familiarize with the content of the speech. Try to visit the library and surf more information online and offline. Get at least 3 to 5 good references to validate your points.
3. Learn that speech – The mirror is your Best Friend
Having done your research on the topic, and prepared your speech takes you only half-way, now you need to make sure that you own that topic, and can effectively present it to others.
Take up a mirror, look at yourself and memorize your speech, the mirror will give in the illusion of an audience. It will help you with developing your body language. Practice stage movement while you speak standing in front of the mirror.
Remember; do not try to copy body movements as if you are a robot, start with those that may come naturally or more comfortable for you. I have had my fair share of watching people doing great speeches (script-wise), but their body languages were all over the place (and I was one of them).
4. Look At Videos of other Speakers
Since this is your first public speaking experience, watching videos to guide your path as a public speaker will never be a bad idea. Get video clips of the experienced public speakers; the likes of Barrack Obama, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Denzel Washington.
Scrutinize the video and watch their body movement (eye contact, head movement, hand movement, shoulder movement, and gestures, and so forth). This does not mean you should copy their styles, NO, watching them can help you build the public speaking pattern and style you want to develop, one that suits your personality and the topics that you are passionate about.
Watch how relaxed and natural they are and learn to be that relaxed, and fluid by practicing A LOT with your mirror.
5. Record your practice session
It is always best you watch your practice performance to pick out your faults and errors. Place a camera on the mirror while practicing with all the tips you have acquired from watching professional videos and researching on the topic.
Take some time to play the record to see all unnecessary “uh,” “hmms” and “ahs.”The record will show you your tension level, your talking rate (if it’s too slow, too fast or just perfect) and also your delivery pattern.
Pick up the little mistakes, try your best to correct them in the next session, and then after a few trials, you will feel more and more comfortable with the delivery quality, and notice a huge difference between your first recorded videos and last ones.
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