The Big 4 Benefits of eLearning

Online Learning VS Traditional Formats: The Big 4 Benefits of eLearning

I have never had to define the term, “learning” before, but in my head, it is the phenomenon or activity that bridges the gap between ignorance and knowledge. Sounds like a pretty good line, right? That’s because in real life learning is a beautiful tunnel that makes you prepared for a certain job, class, test, and just about any challenge before you.

Learning is almost critically synonymous with classrooms and classes because they are ever present in the concept of learning. This traditional way of learning involves gathering students together in a classroom and teaching every one of them following the same curriculum. However, since the internet became viral in recent times, people have put in creativity into forging online learning as opposed to the traditional format. The “e” in “eLearning” stands for “electronic” which ultimately makes the term “electronic learning”. It is a form of learning that utilizes electronic technologies like computers, smart devices and most importantly, the internet.


The traditional format still exists but is nowhere near the benefits that online learning affords. Here we go with the big four (4) benefits of eLearning:

Learning from anywhere:

With the requirements of just a computer or (smart device at least) and internet reception, learning can be done anywhere. If travelling means a lot to you, eLearning is going to afford you the luxury of doing just that while carrying your whole class, curriculum, books, and even school with you.

Endless Resources

Arguing if the internet knows everything by now is probably an argument nobody wants to get into because there will be a lot of persons on the opposition. Learning in an arguably unlimited resource of information will only help your learning process be swifter. You get the chance to switch between tabs if you see the need to look into some confusing information from your online class.

Cost Effective

Some online courses and institutions offer free programs, and the ones that charge you only request less than one-third of what an offline institution will demand of you. This should be enough to define cost effectiveness, but it gets better considering that you don’t get to pay transport fares to class or midday meals to get you going.

Conducive Learning Environment

No matter how organized they are, no learning setup is more conducive than learning in your alone and leisure time. Only a handful of the world’s population like to study in rowdy places. So, chances are that you are going to appreciate taking a class or a course from your preferred location rather than the rigid option of staying in class and facing forthcoming distraction.

More and more courses are available for eLearning these days, and even more institutions have made their programs available over the internet. Step out of the stone-age and take up eLearning for all the perks and benefits it promises. You can go as fast or as slow as you want when you have can boycott some unnecessary rules.

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  1. I like that you mention how e-learning can be a good option for people that need to work or move around a lot. It makes sense that having access to schooling without being in the classroom could be very helpful for somebody in a secluded location or that has a unique work schedule. Thanks for the post; this is definitely something to keep in mind for my son because both of these reasons apply to him, but, possibly the biggest reason, is to help ensure he learns effectively due to his reading issues.

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