A ton of marketing strategies exist across the internet and one of the most prominent is marketing via social media. In a dealership there are members of staff for various departments within; the social media is overseen by personnel more popularly known as a social media manager. A social media manager oversees the tasks of marketing and networking in the name of the particular organization. A social media manager is not someone you should employ from the blues, because a properly managed social media campaign has the power to be communication medium for the customers and the dealership.

Marketing in the social world is done through various platforms like websites and blogging, networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, podcasting and video sites, live streaming and online radio blogging sites, book-marking and customer review sites. You can imagine that it takes a lot of hard work, customer service, some technical skill and also management skills. Most of the businesses have no time to do this or lack the required skills. It is very important for any business to understand the best practices and web etiquette of submitting or posting articles and videos.

There are a wide range of roles and services that can be offered by the media manager to a business. These may include managing the entire marketing part or training organization and individuals. The management services involve the following profiles:

    • Assisting people in setting up of social network packages.
    • Explanations of interconnections between different platforms.
    • Content Management – creating a schedule or routine for posting.
    • Customer Service – reputation management, answering customer questions


In social media marketing, the media manager is the face of the company and can communicate with the potential or existing customers and guide them to the appropriate individual. A good manager has excellent business understanding and can spot opportunities and connect with the right people. The person will be able to build links, deliver contents, translate and network digital information from the community online.

Many people have the question: what to look for in a social media manager? Below mentioned are some things which should be considered.

1. Hire a strategist: You should always hire a strategist depending on the budget and overall business goals. A strategist has experience and understands the bigger picture of running digital campaigns. This person will speak of SM strategy, business goals and metrics etc.

2. SM and technology is like fish in the water: If a person is not excited about a latest technology then how can he be a SM person. A good social networking person will always be enthusiastic about new technologies and will be aware about them. A good media manager will swim easily in the river of technologies.

Today, a good presence online is not about having a website or a good ranking on Google. You need to be present on all sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn. People will go to your blog to see whether you are credible and current. Therefore, a good SM manager is the one who is passionate about the social media. Such a person can make you shine online. Have you hired a social media manager for your business?

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