The Key to Shifting Your Sales Mindset

It takes a little moments of experience doing sales to realize that you can never go too far in trying to satisfy your customers. With the right mindset you might just have all it takes to get good deals over the line on a consistent level. The ideal sales mindset to have is one that makes you think of your customer as family and friends. It is important to set out for business with the utmost satisfaction of your customers in mind. When deciding on what goods to produce, how high the profit margin on the products can be, etc., the customer should be at the fore of your thought. Such decisions should be made around the customer because in the end if the consumer doesn’t fancy your service you have your work cut out for you.

Something else experience in sales will teach you is that it is just as crucial to have a loyal and happy customer base to ushering in new customers every day. If your customers keep coming back it means you are doing things right. One of the numerous benefits of having a happy and satisfied customer base is they spread the word about you to their family and friends, everyone wants the best for their loved ones right?

The more popular sales mindset is centered on customer satisfaction, but customer success is what you should be looking to achieve. Don’t get this wrong, you don’t have to switch off from your working strategy, but with a little modification here and there you can start counting loyal customers than shoppers. With customer satisfaction the focus is on satisfying the customer only once he walks through the doors of the business place. Customer success requires extra deal sweeteners like free installation, following up on how a customer is enjoying their product, remembering to say ‘happy birthday’, solving a customer’s problems even after a deal has been made, fixing up a special cart from your research with the products that will interest the customer. All these factors and a couple more will set you on the way to achieving customer success. And since what goes around comes around, for all the handouts you give you have a loyal customer who is going to boast about your services to their family and friends, that’s good for business.

It’s a new year now and everyone is preaching the gospel of going one better than before, so here are a few tips on how you can shift Your Sales Mindset.


It is a big turnoff for customers when a salesman seems incapable of making a conversation without any business strings attached. It makes the salesman come across as desperate to get a deal off. It is almost impossible to know what the customer needs without listening to them. As long as the customer is in your business place turn that sales pitching a notch and be human. Have a dialogue outside making sales, provide honest reviews for every product the customer points at and never push them to buy. Be honest enough to put them off products that may not really work for them. Shifting towards this sales mindset will set you on your way to customer success.


People can’t be friends with people they don’t trust. It is no hidden fact that customers don’t trust salesmen, from first sight unless you make them see reasons not to see you as just a deal closer. Establishing a trust driven relationship with your customer makes them believe in whatever product you bring before them. This puts a halt to how they see you as someone trying to exploit them.


Avoid being caught selling too many times. Help your customers get the best out of products they already got.


Sometimes customers turn up with doubts over which products to purchase. Surely this is a chance to bag a sale, but don’t get too hasty in the process. Avoid making a choice for the customer; rather guide them into making their choices. If the buyer or customer isn’t really giving off vibes that indicate their interest let them go.

In shifting your sales mindset you may have to adopt other strategies like sticking particular salesmen to customers to allow them form longer lasting relationships. The scenario you should aim for is one where your customer is so happy they want you to come to dinner a few times. Business is all about making profit, but with that covered you have to be successful in managing your customers. In the business world it is just you and your customers so why not go ahead and be friends right?
So there, go ahead and shift your sales mindset.

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