The Millennial Myth

Let’s do a little experiment. What happens when I say the word Millennial? You know what happens. You cringe. Most likely, you think of a lazy person, and some funny social media meme pops up in your head because the Millennial population is the brunt of almost half the jokes on social media these days. Here’s the problem for you. They will make up approximately half your sales population very soon. The stereotypes need to be dropped. This generation has to be embraced and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial this will be to your showroom floor or any other business you may be currently running. Here are some myths you can kiss goodbye.

Millennials are not social people. They may be too social, but that can be a huge benefit to you. Trying to get the past generations to use social media, texting platforms and regularly checking email is not an easy task. These younger generations were raised with cellphones in their hands. Bouncing between apps and devises is a piece of cake, and helping those who cannot is a major asset on your sales floor. Not to mention, the way we communicate changes by a generation too. I’m talking about language itself, so don’t underestimate the power of a good translator when you have college kids looking for their next ride!

Millennials are lazy. Please stop saying they’re lazy. Anyone who lived with their parents until 40 could be lazy. There are plenty of hardworking young people in this generation and they’re not lazy, but they are finding a new way to work. They’re working smarter. Yes, computers and smartphones have changed the landscape. Don’t confuse lazy with streamlined. You’re dealing with a very savvy generation, and they’ll blow right by you if you keep calling them lazy instead of asking them how they did the same task in half the time you did it in. Take advantage of the incredible wealth of knowledge Millennials can offer you and your staff, instead of making them feel like second class citizens.

Millennials want it all now! They’re really not unreasonable. In fact, if they’re taking on an entry-level sales job then they’re taking it slow and steady. Think about what it takes to become a car salesperson or to really make it in any sales position. This isn’t instant gratification. Appreciate the fact that they’re giving it a go.

It’s time to drop the stereotypes and stop reading the posts that flood your Facebook walls. Millennials are here. They’re human beings who work hard when motivated and don’t want to live with their parents. They were born into periods of recession and know what it’s like to try to make it during a rough economy. They were raised with skills in social media and in the digital world that most could only dream of having. Now, you have to train them, motivate them and embrace them just like any other sales team member and you’ll be thankful you did.

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