The delivery is the first step in creating a customer for life!

Your long-term success will depend on how quickly and effectively you can develop a solid database of customers who like, trust and respect you, and believe you’ll be there to genuinely help them with their automotive needs.
Statistically speaking on average their last purchase wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. The salesperson didn’t do a very good job of selling or delivering the vehicle and they certainly couldn’t rely on any help from the salesperson after the event.

What does all this mean? They are expecting a repeat performance!

Remember: 100% of the buyers’ current behavior is based 100% on their previous buying experience.

Here’s “How to” secure tomorrows business today!

To familiarize your new customer.

Your customer is still unfamiliar with their new vehicle. They said “yes, we’ll buy it”, however that doesn’t mean that they understand all of the features and how to use and benefit from them, even if they’ve been driving your products in the past.

Conduct Your Technology Presentation

The worst thing in the world at this point in the sales process is to not make the guest comfortable with the technology package that is in the vehicle. Remember: Don’t except – “I KNOW HOW TO DO IT!” Say – “SHOW ME!” If the guest masters the setting process thank them and move on but If the guest is struggling to complete task – say “THAT WASN’T FAIR, LET ME SHOW YOU AGAIN!”

Do a visual inspection of the car before delivery.


On delivery, ensure the vehicle is clean and there aren’t any dents or scratches and the vehicle is prepared to perfection. Make sure all the accessories the buyer bought have been fitted to the vehicle…Nothing is worse than believing you’ve just bought the world and someone delivers you an atlas!

Walk through the owner’s manual and warranty booklet.

Ensure that you cover everything your customer had asked about or wanted more information on. Remember to include your business card in the owner’s manual pocket.

Ask for referrals

The delivery is one of their happiest moments when buying a car so take advantage of their enthusiasm and ask for a referral before they leave.
Prepare them for your CSI survey

Congratulate Your New Customer!

Once you have completed the “Road to a Delightful Delivery” and have sincerely thanked your new customer for their business, make sure the very last question you ask before they drive away is:

Salesperson: “Now Bob is there anything else I can do for you?”

Customer: “No.”

Salesperson: “So, it seems to me that you’re completely satisfied. Great! Thanks again. Happy and safe motoring.”

Make It A Champion Day!

Brandon K. Hardison – Champion Strategies

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