The Younger Driver The Smarter When It Comes To Extended Car Warranties

The Younger Driver The Smarter When It Comes To Extended Car Warranties

Over 50% of dealer revenue is dependent on servicing of vehicles. Manufacturer warranties and recalls keep them busy with their new car buyers, and pre-owned buyers are now finding their way to their service bays using their extended car warranties. Today, 47% of used vehicles have extended warranties, however, over 50% of those drivers are between the age of sixteen and twenty-four. That’s telling us a little about the used car market. It is booming and the young people know that a five-year-old car will have at least another hundred thousand miles in most cases. The average car today can go 200,000 miles and more, so purchasing a car with 75,000 miles after five years can provide a lot of miles to the driver. Of those drivers who have purchased an extended car warranty, 62% said the warranty helped them in the past year.

It’s important to add the monthly cost of purchasing a car with a warranty and calculate the time you intend to drive that vehicle. With a warranty in your back pocket, life with your beloved vehicle will be a lot easier. Online providers like, a leading online warranty provider portal offers young and old the opportunity to purchase their extended car warranty online, eliminate the cost of a middleman, get a solid plan at better pricing.

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