Happiness is somewhat irreplaceable in life, and I’m sure after long hard thoughts you would think so too. Happiness to an extent, can be controlled by somebody hormones and fluid, but they can be tweaked through thoughts. It is through thinking that we drive ourselves to a happy place or otherwise.

We’ve all been at that mental place where nothing seems to happen for us, and the things that excite u don’t really count anymore, or so we think. Here, you’ll be forgiven if you choose to pop a ‘happy pill’ like Prozac. However, just like in a ton of other situations, popping pills are not recommended.

Everyone thinks, but when you incur bad thinking habits like holding grudges, overthinking, doubting, etc. your happiness will be at stake. With time, perseverance, practice and this blog you can learn how to think yourself happy.



If you are thinking what I’m thinking, you might want to ask “why not just carve out a happy life?” Were you thinking it? Well, you can’t just carve out a happy life right from the stables of unhappiness. You may find that to be biting more than you can chew.

Carefully analyze your daily routines and make out time (maybe an hour or a few minutes) to do something that makes you extremely happy. You should be able to increase the duration of this routine gradually, but even if you don’t, an hour of happiness to look forward to everyday is an incredible way to think yourself happy.



It makes for good comedy anywhere to make a community of friends or people laugh by highlighting how woeful you are, but do you really want to get into all that? There’s a phenomenon known as unconsciousness, controlled by the mind. You say something too often and confidently and you’ll start to believe it in no time.
Give positive notes about yourself especially when you haven’t found your happy place yet.



It is kind of an open secret how one can be happy by engaging more in their hobbies. However, a lot of scenarios trigger change in humans: marriage, getting into college, finding a job, etc., The topic highlights “truest hobby” because sometimes we develop new hobbies for various stages of life. Being a mother might make you think you love to cook every day when in fact you don’t. A student might mistake the reason why he studies every day for a hobby.

Those are not true hobbies. According to psychologist Linda Blair, “It’s said that we are most true to ourselves and least influenced by others when we’re about nine or ten.” Your truest hobby may not dwell around your 9th to 10th birthdays but whatever it is find it and do it and be happy.

Happiness doesn’t only manifest for people with perfect little lives, but those who choose to let it come to them. So, practice more ways to think yourself happy because your happiness is on you.

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