Using Your CRM and Social Media to Sell More Cars in a Dealership



Car dealerships have a tremendous opportunity in taking their business to the next level with the implementation of CRM and social media. Millions of people are now very active on social media platforms every day, and the number keeps growing. Car dealerships can drive more sales through robust email marketing, social media campaigns, video content, and contest, all of which must be incorporated and delivered via their customer relationship management systems.

Become a Local Vehicle Resources

People want to be engaged because of their emotions. As a dealership, you can drive more sales and attract more buyers by becoming a local resource for people looking for information, tips, and ideas. Through your resource, visitors will be able to access information on how to choose the perfect vehicle for their work and family life. A local resource is also respected because it will help save money.

Utilize CRM Software

Modern technology has transformed the way we live and do business. By installing a CRM program and connecting it with your business data, you will be able to monitor the activities of your business in relation to your customers, in real time. The programs are created to help you connect more with your customers, find their desire, offer them a robust customer service, and understand their inner desires. The system combines the functions of resource management, projects management, inventory management, sales support, marketing and other vital elements into one place.

Train Workers

Digital marketing is gradually becoming a discipline on its own with complex processes, tools, and strategies to master and utilize. Train two or three of your employees on how to take advantage of these tools and use it effectively. Meanwhile, if you want to get things done, don’t leave the responsibility to a committee instead, assign one person that will be in charge. The others will just be there to support or take the position in case the person in charge is not available.

Run a Blog

Starting a blog for your dealership might be the best thing you can ever do. Blogs will give you the opportunity to educate your customers and provide them with useful information. It will also help for SEO purposes, driving traffic to your site from organic SEO to social media shares. A blog works very well when you combine it with social media accounts and CRM tools. There is no limit to what you can do with these three powerful tools.

Live Chat

Very few dealerships take full advantage of all the options available in CRM and social media. A highly underrated tool is the live chat that offers a one-on-one interaction between your customer service personnel and your customers. Live chat is cheap, easy to use, and can help you build solid relationships with your customers.

Dealerships need to go beyond physical sales and move into the new world of CRM and social media. There are unlimited tools and resources available for you to utilize, in attracting with customers, making sales, engaging, and gaining eternal loyalty.


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