August 5, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona: Richie Bello West Leadership and Management Institute announced its next Career Nights planned for Long Island and Phoenix in September. The institute will be offering a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of joining the automotive industry as a highly lucrative alternative to traditional secondary education programs. The Richie Bello West Leadership and Management Institute has training in all areas of the industry, including sales, digital marketing, operation, finance and insurance, service and more.

Richie Bello, founder and automotive influencer started this program as it supported both the automotive industry and our veterans. Bello spent the last three years developing his eLearning platform and in school training program and has more than nine thousand dealers across the country waiting for certified vets. “Our industry needs a few good men and women. We believe that the military prepared a great deal of our vets for process and commitment. That’s so very important to our industry.” Bello continued: “The industry wants to constantly improve its reputation and standards. With the certified veterans we place in their dealerships, they will be assured that they are trained and ready to deliver.”

Bello’s program not only trains the veterans of any arm of the military that is ready and able, but has reached out to dealers across the country to guarantee employment for veterans who have an 85% or better on their test scores. And if they have not passed, Bello will allow them to repeat the course of study selected until they pass at no additional cost. And Bello did not stop there. The program is paid over one year by both the veteran and the dealership at less than $10 a day. The automotive education financing is a feat in itself, as the dealer will pay for half of the fee for certification starting in the 7 month of employment. The fee is extremely low for the programs and with monthly financing 90 days after certification, the veterans will have a chance on keeping the cost at a minimum while they earn.

Career Night dates for September are Wednesday, September 12, which will be held in Ronkonkoma, Long Island; and Thursday September 27th, which will be held in Phoenix Arizona.

Richie Bello, founder of Richie Bello West is also the COO of Clickable Institute and educator for digital and automotive for Queens College, New York. Bello is the recipient of regional and national recognition for his outstanding contributions to the automotive industry. His plan is to train and support a community of business owned by veterans. His students receive training that offers sustainable job creation for the automotive industry. For more information visit

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