The dire need to make sales within a dealership calls for crucial but effective means of bagging sales through prospecting. The two most prominent methods employed in doing sales prospecting include making walk-in sales calls or cold sales calls. Both strategies are set up with the aim of finding and converting potential buyers in to actual customers for the sake of an improved productivity with sales. Before we draw a versus match between Walk-in and cold calling sales calls it will be a healthy practice to define both terms separately.



Doing a walk-in almost any discipline means a service that doesn’t require any preplanned appointment. In the case of a walk-in sales call, it is a prospecting strategy where a sales man or sales personnel makes the decision to do some sales prospecting on potential clients right on the spot. The nature of walk-ins always means the sales personnel will have to be ready to face uncertainties from his or her contacts. Stuff like questions he or she has never been faced with before, the sales personnel would do well to be widely learned on the dealerships nooks and crannies. In walk-ins your prospects will realize you do not have any backup source of knowledge and they would look to attack this factor, but if you pull through unscathed you just may have bagged a client for your dealership.



Have you ever received a phone call from a strange/ unknown number once when you were just getting on with your life, prospecting a certain service, or product to you? That is cold sales call for you. For a sales rep sales calls will be less of a problem than walk-in, because you get to stay in the confines of your office. You have all the materials you need to pitch a deal to a prospect, but here you lose the advantage of being in a one on one scenario with the prospect.

There you have the basic knowledge of Walk-ins and Cold sales calls, while walk-ins may seem more laborious to a sales personnel its effect on sales productivity when pulled off is everything because the client is totally focused on you in the absence of any brochure, samples, or marketing collateral, so there will be a tendency to subconsciously adhere to whatever the sales man or personnel is about.

Cold calling allows you the sales personnel access to every piece of material he or she might need to convince a prospect about any deal you might have for them. But you should know an average percentage of persons ignore anything that seems like a cold call to their phone lines. So, if you get someone on the other end ensure to keep them interested in the conversation mostly by trying to have a dialogue first like talking about their firms first but don’t go too deep, you don’t want to come across as a time waster.

Between cold calling and walk-ins they are incredible approaches to employ just be on point whichever you choose, there doesn’t have to be a versus match.

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