What Covered With Your Extended Car Warranty?

What Covered With Your Extended Car Warranty?

You should remember the old adage “read your contract”, because that read could take a few minutes, and will save you a huge headache when you have a problem with your vehicle. The way to overcome such a problem is have a look at Warran T Chimp where you don’t get a list of what is covered, you get a list of what is not covered in your agreement. It’s easy to shout a plan out with what is covered, but a little knowledge of what is not covered can make your decision as to what to select a little easier.

An extended car warranty is probably one of the most important investments you can make as part of your pre-owned vehicle purchase, but knowing the details is extremely important, and making sure you do your minimum required part to keep that car serviced.

The good news is that you don’t have to purchase that extended car warranty at the dealer, even if you financed the vehicle at the dealership, but do get a price from the dealer on the extended car warranty, jump in that “new to you” vehicle and head home to your computer and compare the price you’ll find by doing it yourself from your computer, phone or laptop with The friendly chimp lets you know that the plan recommended can be easily purchased and your vehicle covered in a few quick steps online. Just put in the VIN number and answer a few questions, such as what you would like your deductible to be and if there are some special things you would like covered, but the plans all come with national service, 24/7 accessibility, roadside assistance, car rentals and that’s with the basic plan available through the portal site.

WarranTchimp keeps it simple and the cost is guaranteed to be the lowest, or the portal site will refund the difference and a $100 bonus. simply puts a small fee on for the service and points the consumer to better coverage at the guaranteed best price. There’s no longer a reason to pay unnecessary fees for an extended car warranty when you do it yourself with

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