What To Ask The Potential Car Buyer

You may be great at what you do. You know your dealership. You know the vehicles. You can list off every option for every vehicle and impress every customer that walks in the door like a walking encyclopedia. You make one hell of a cuppa coffee, and know just when to offer up that buttered roll, but…do you listen? Do you ask the right questions and really listen to the answers? That my friends can make all the difference in the world when it comes to beefing up those sales numbers. Salespeople like to do all the talking, and you would think that makes a lot of sense, but if you know the game, then you would know that it’s not how you win. Here are some questions you can ask just before you take the time to listen to your customer’s needs, and close those deals like a pro.

What’s the reasoning behind buying a vehicle today? Now, this is huge! If they say fun, you know what type of vehicle they want. If they say college kid, you know they need roomy and safe. If they say just everyday work and leisure, then you know you need something in-between. You’re armed and dangerous when you ask them why they need the vehicle. They’re handing you the sales tools at that point.

Tell me a few things you’d like to see in a vehicle or options you’d like to see. Now, they have to talk. Don’t ask them if they’d like a moonroof. They will say yes or no. Ask them what they like and let them talk. Yes or no questions will get you nothing. Open-ended questions will get you understanding.

Tell me a little bit about where you would like your payments to be. This can be backed up or continued with questions about whether or not they plan on trading in a vehicle. If they are trading in a vehicle, ask them about the vehicle. Ask them if they enjoyed their time with the vehicle. Tell the customer that those are great cars unless they hated it. Connect with them. Most people have a hard time letting go of their vehicles, so showing that you don’t see it as a pile of metal makes a difference. If they didn’t like their current vehicle, ask them what their dislikes were, so you can steer them away from certain models and explain why.

Once things start rolling, take the time to pause here and there and remind them that you’re human. Ask them if they have any concerns. Ask if there’s anything you can clear up for them. Ask if you skipped over any details. Just keep making them feel that you’re concerned about them and that you’re there to make sure that they get the best vehicle at the best price. The only difference is that saying those words won’t make them believe it. Listening and asking questions will make them believe that you’re interested in them and that’s what makes the world go round…relationships.

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