When The Internet Calls You Should Too

Internet sales are not the way of the future. They’re all about the now, and if
you have a decent internet car sales lead system working at your dealership, then you’re on point. Here’s the catch. You have to pick up the phone and you have to do it fast. Most fall into the trap of wanting to be the hero and find the perfect vehicle match for each and every customer, but slow down and connect first. It’s all about the connection.

Yes, you can send the follow-up email letting them know that someone will be with them shortly, but that’s basically you telling the customer that you’re not here right now and you’ll get back to them soon. It’s great after hours, but when your doors are open, study that lead and pick up the phone. You don’t need every detail. You don’t have to find the exact vehicle. You need to make the connection and assure them that you’ll find their vehicle. Study the make, model, availability, and call. Every second counts. They’re looking for a vehicle, and most want to be driving soon. Potential customers will move on quickly. If you can catch them before they turn off that computer, you’re setting the bar.

Once you have them on the phone, that’s when you can talk details. Don’t worry about pressuring them to come in. They want to come in. Plus, you were probably the first person to get in touch with them if you moved quickly, so you have the advantage. Ask them about potential trade-ins. Let them know you’re there to answer any questions they may have. Start the relationship, and you’re on your way.

This thought process goes for new and pre-owned vehicles alike. In fact, when it comes to pre-owned vehicles, you have a bit of an advantage. When internet leads come in off specific pre-owned vehicles, you’re dealing with unique vehicles and chances are, there are very few duplicates in the same area. Still, these customers can be looking for more than one type of vehicle, from more than one dealer, so speed counts.

If they don’t pick up, leave a message. Make it friendly and let them know your hours. Try them back sooner than later and most likely you’ll make that connection. Just make sure to move fast when those internet leads hit, and check in to for more.

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