Where to Donate Semi Formal Dresses

The G.L.A.M project, a project of the international non-profit organization WGIRLS, offers prom dresses as part of its broader mission to “provide disadvantaged women and children with the support and resources needed to achieve health, happiness and the ability to lead productive and successful adult lives.” As you work on this mission and go through all the dresses hanging in your closet, you can come across special dresses and dresses that you`ve worn at proms, formulas, dances, weddings, and other special events in your life. We are available throughout the year by appointment for any formal or semi-formal occasion – proms, college formalities, graduations, military balls, etc. We also accept clothing donations throughout the year to provide this service to our entire community. Visit our donation page to learn more! These dresses and dresses are certainly not the kind of items you`ll wear frequently (at least for most people), and depending on when these dances and other particular events took place, the dress itself may no longer be fashionable or your current size. With six locations in the United States (primarily in the East), Fairy Godmothers, Inc. exists to offer a special prom experience to “qualified high school girls whose financial situation is such that it would otherwise exclude their ability to participate. In addition to clothing, the organization also provides shoes and accessories. It`s very easy to bring your prom dress or any other formal outfit into Becca`s closet with Give Back Box. Just take a box in which you received an online shipment, use the Give Back Box website to print your prepaid shipping label, and then drop the box off at UPS or a USPS location! I thought about this after reading the story of Becky Hayden, a high school math teacher in Thousand Oaks, California, who runs her own “lending library” for prom dresses. During its nine years of offering this service, Hayden`s has collected about 300 dresses, but is gaining more and more demand. And while this allows students from schools other than her own Moorpark High School to borrow clothes, she still makes a fairly local effort. This week, as part of the Declutter 365 missions, we`re focused on decluttering your wardrobe, including excess dresses and other formal clothing. I`m looking for a place in the Kansas City area to donate clothes with Covd that I`m having trouble finding where you can help? Very cool concept.

There are many single-wear clothing needs, for example, bridesmaid dresses. This is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of the “prom,” not to mention a great social equalizer, which is to ensure that children from low-income families can also participate. Before she died in a car accident at the age of 16, Kirtman had started a “dress ride” to collect clothes and accessories for other students they otherwise couldn`t afford. Becca`s efforts continue in the organization that bears her name: there are chapters across the country. Each chapter deals with its own gifts and distributions. If you decide to get rid of some or all of these costumes while decluttering your wardrobe, this article is designed to help you find a new good home for these dresses by giving them to someone else. Also, I`ve found that where you can donate depends in part on the age of your dress or dress. If you make a donation, it`s good to do so as soon as possible, as fashion changes so quickly that only prom dresses and newer dresses are really desired by someone else. That being said, you don`t need to give your outfit to a stranger. If you personally know someone who needs a formal set, you can either give it to them as a gift or arrange a clothing exchange so you both get something out of it. The Giving Gown Foundation collects donations of new and new dresses and formal accessories and makes them available free of charge to high school girls who otherwise would not be able to attend their official events.

Before giving away any type of formal clothing or prom dresses, please make sure that the dress is in good condition, without cracks or cracks, and also clean. Ideally, you would have the dress dry cleaned before making a donation so that the next person can enjoy it. Please note that this article usually talks about where prom dresses, return dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and similar types of dresses can be given. Ideas for donating your wedding dress can be found here, for the very special dress. Bridesmaid dresses, shoes, purses and accessories from a variety of people Becca`s Closet is a charity that focuses on receiving prom dresses, return dresses and bridesmaid dresses and then gives them to deserving high school girls so they can wear them to the ball. Their donations are tax deductible, but they require the dress to be new (within the last five years, so it`s fashionable) and also clean and intact. (You can click the link to see all the details.) Short and long formal dresses in current styles, less than 5 years old, as you see in stores Clean and ready dresses, bridesmaid dresses Shoes coordinated with dresses Costume jewelry Small handbags and elegant handbags We ask that the items donated respect the following protocol. The Junior League of Indian River appreciates donations of items lightly used to provide teens with a variety of options when “shopping.” Donations are accepted at VNA Hidden Treasures Thrift Store at 656 21st St, Vero Beach, FL 32960 and 11646 US1, Sebastian, Florida 32958 and Seahorse Lane Boutique, 1981 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida 32960. Please mark your donation as “Operation Ball” when you make a donation. This multi-state organization not only collects clothes and accessories for girls who want to participate in the prom, but also helps men in financial need with the cost of renting tobacco (which can also be expensive).

Take a look at some of the kids they helped: In 2011, our local school district had a ballroom where they offered their students clothes, shoes, and accessories for the prom at a very low cost. We partnered with them to help them go into the community to get more attention and get more donations for their prom practice. We got radio spots and organized Gown Drives for them. While we were doing all this, we had so many people in the community in need who came to us and asked for clothes themselves, and unfortunately, the ballroom was only open for safety reasons for the students at that particular school. Clothes like prom dresses can be sentimental, and not everyone wants to part with them. If you find that this is the case with your outfit, you should save it and wear it again one day. This is especially easy for people who wore costumes to their proms, although there are also occasions when you can wear a prom dress again. So I looked for places where readers could donate prom dresses in their own communities, and I found that there are a number of organizations spread across multiple locations. Here`s what I found to donate a dress or buy one for free (or nearby) – if you know of any other organizations that offer such a service, let us know in the comments.

Thank you for your donation to Becca`s Closet, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (tax ID #20-0180226). The clothes are given to high school students who cannot afford to buy formal clothes for their return home and proms, and who otherwise would not be able to attend these events. .

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