Why Buy An Extended Car Warranty

Why Buy An Extended Car Warranty

The Pre-owned market is at an all time high with pre-owned vehicles far outselling new with over 40 million sold in 2019. The depreciation and life of today’s vehicles make pre-owned a smart consideration with cars that are just five years on the road depreciating 20% in the first year and 10% depreciation for the next four years.

That’s considerable savings at almost 40% of the original price at that time. The vehicle that is five years on the road and under 100,000 miles can go another 100,000 miles and more in most cases. A $35,000 car that depreciates to $14,000 after 5 years and is financed for 48 months may be a payment you can handle. The last thing you want is to drive out with that car you cherry picked and have a major setback financially over a repair.

WarranTchimp takes the fear of covering a vehicle and takes the sting out of the price generally charged at dealers or online providers.

WarranTchimp is a portal site that has the consumer “DIY”. Yes the do it yourself method simply has the consumer log on and drop in the VIN number and a few details about the vehicle and a suggested plan comes up that the consumer can adjust up and down in length of time for the warranty,

deductible and options. It’s like booking an airline ticket online using its technology. Doing it yourself allows the consumer to create their own plan which avoids the high cost of a middleman and saves the consumer as much as 40%. As a portal site, WarranTchimp makes a small fee and directs the consumer to the chosen provider. Consumers should look at the service agreement carefully and make sure that it includes national coverage, payment terms,

rental car and 24/7 communication. You never know where or when you will need to call on a car warranty. The cost of one large repair could make the entire warranty pay for itself. The answer to the question: “Should I purchase a warranty” is a resounding yes. Calculate the cost of your vehicle with the warranty and you will not regret the outcome.

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