Why Saleswomen are Good for Your Dealership

When most people think about going car shopping, they almost always imagine that they will be working with a salesman. However, many dealerships are hiring saleswomen and finding that they do an excellent job closing deals and moving inventory. Women are often absolutely fantastic at closing deals and helping your dealership succeed.

So, why are saleswomen so important in the car industry? Why should dealerships consider hiring more women?

Sell To More Women

Obviously, single women comprise a large part of the buyer population. However, when it comes to families, the wife or mother usually has considerable input into what car the couple buys- and she definitely has veto power. It doesn’t matter if her reason for wanting a car isn’t very technical, she can control whether or not a sale is made. Having a saleswoman can be great for sales: women may feel more camaraderie with a fellow woman, and be influenced to make a purchase by the simple fact that they are working with another woman.

Gain Trust

Although it seems like a stereotype, many people (both men and women) are simply more inclined to trust women, and see them as less likely to lie. This works in your favor: you want prospective customers to see the salesperson as trustworthy and reliable, because trust drives sales.

Use a Different Sales Technique

Many men tend to take a more aggressive approach to sales, which can scare off or alienate potential customers. Women tend to be less intimidating and aggressive, so the customer doesn’t feel like they are being pushed into a sale. Again, this works in your favor: a happy, comfortable customer means that a sale is likely close at hand.

Clearly, dealerships can benefit greatly from having a mix of male and female salespeople- not to mention that having gender diversity can protect you from allegations of discrimination or sexism. If you’re interested in other tips to increase sales at your dealership and train your salespeople,
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