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Making a connection on a human level can make all the difference in the world when trying to sell any product. Even on your showroom floor, telling a story to go along with your usual sales lingo can add power to that pitch you never knew existed. Now, I could stop there, but there’s a great deal more power in telling a proper story. Here are some reasons why painting that picture with a story helps and how to deliver it with a punch.

Why does it help? Well, it’s all about context and memories. Most of the time, we remember stories and make connections while hearing them. Yeah, it’s easy to sit in front of a car buyer and point to 15 features, and hope they’re really impressed with all those cupholders, but will they remember it all? Will they remember the heated steering wheel, cup holders, air conditioned seats, and 12 speakers included in the stereo? They may remember some of it, but it doesn’t mean anything to them.

Now, tell a story about a family trip you took recently, or one your mother took. Don’t make it so fantastic and ridiculous, just get some features in there. Offer something like this. “I just took my family upstate in a similar model. Not this exact one, but the features are the same. I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have 10 cupholders with all those drinks flying around. Oh, and my wife wouldn’t let me turn down the stereo. The sound this model system gets is incredible. My kids were playing with the windows, and by the time I realized I could child lock those, I was thrilled to have that heated steering wheel. It heats up in seconds”

You see the idea. You don’t have to get every feature in and look like you’re completely making this up, but find a way to talk things up and create memories for your customers. If you don’t feel comfortable telling a story about someone you know, offer it up as a future story. Talk to your customer about how they’ll get use out of it in story form. Just telling them that the kids will need cupholders and the stereo is great is obvious and really doesn’t always do it for customers. Telling them that when they pass three juice boxes, two sippy cups and try to be a DJ at the same time, this vehicle will have them covered, you just painted a picture they’ll remember.

One more thing. Make sure you’re covering all the bases. You don’t have to tell a story for every part of your sales routine, but when you do, you don’t just talk sippy cups and stereos. Think about putting some space between painting those pictures and hitting different aspects. “This vehicle is family friendly, but you can put your foot down when you need to and take off. The nice thing is that when you pull up to the pump and reach for your credit card, you’re going to realize how great you’re doing on gas mileage.” I didn’t just say, this vehicle gets great gas mileage. They already know that. They read that online or some other sales person told them that about twenty minutes prior, but you painted a picture. Now, you just have to paint a picture with financing and you’re untouchable service department and they’ll never forget where they have to go for all their needs.

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