10 Steps to Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

A lifestyle entrepreneur is not so much different from the regular entrepreneur, but on this occasion his motivation is primarily to improve his lifestyle. So, in this case, making monetary profits is far from the entrepreneur’s goal. The price is strictly on the back of monetary benefits, a better life. The difference between a lifestyle entrepreneur and the regular entrepreneur is in the mindset. The business isn’t set up differently, just the mentality. It is widely said that in the end one makes more of a business as a lifestyle entrepreneur because the enthusiasm and passion here are never misplaced. If you are catching on with this lifestyle entrepreneur thing and you want some tips on how to become one, here are 10 steps to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur:

DRAW UP A PLAN: Almost nothing works without a plan of action, including starting a lifestyle entrepreneurship. Like always, it is advisable to build a business around your passion and enthusiasm as this will keep you on course for the length of the project. So, draw up a plan that will magnify your strengths and blackout your weaknesses. Keep in mind that not all passions can be successful vocations; some passions are just what they are, passions. So, if there’s no real business opportunity around your immediate passion move on to the next in line.

TIME AND TIME MANAGEMENT: “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but everyday Rome was built”. The first part of the sentence teaches that you must come to terms with the fact that building a business to the heights you want it to attain will not happen immediately. It is okay to be ambitious, but stick some reality with your ambition. Accompany deadlines with achievable goals. If you ambition blows and you begin to expect more than you get, it will only be a few moments before you begin to feel like you failed even before you started.

The second part of the sentence highlights that while you don’t have to try and achieve everything in a day, it is important to put in relevant and adequate work with each passing day. This can be by resting to have a productive day later or working 24 hour shifts but know “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but everyday Rome was built”

SELECT YOUR PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS: The world is filled with many different people with varying personal wants. Some of these people will fit perfectly and benefit from your business. These are your prospective customers; make setups to pull them in and supply their wants

STAY HEALTHY: Nobody ever became great from the hospital or sick bed, you must stay healthy physically and mentally to chase your goals. Starting a new business is a long road to success, but it is not impossible to tread the path. Just ensure with every passing, hour, day or week you are making progress towards your goal.

REALITY CHECKS: Everything looks possible when drawn on paper, but sometimes when they are thrown into motion in the real world they don’t always work per plan. If some part or all parts of your plan is dysfunctional pull the plug and try it some way else. Remember reality is a different canvas to fantasy.

EVERYDAY WILL NOT BE A GOOD ONE: If things went your way all the time you’d probably be God. Just like in sports, it is a good business practice to learn the art of taking a loss. It becomes a beautiful art when you bounce back with an improved plan. So, when a day in the office goes bad, shut it out and set out to make tomorrow better.

BE CONSCIOUS OF THE UNEXPECTED: Surprises are good when they work in your favor, but can be very fatal if they don’t. You can’t possibly anticipate everything that will be thrown your way, so it is important to develop a tough shell so when something sweeps you off your fit you won’t crack.

LOOK TO BUILD NOT ACQUIRE: This is mostly applicable in the sense of hiring employees. On the average, in a family everyone loves each other and has each other’s back. How cool, will it be to be if your family worked with you? This doesn’t mean everyone in the employees’ book should have the same last names but it is important to make everyone of your employees know you are loyal to them and the course. There’s no better way to get an employee to be loyal to the course than training to an upgraded version of themselves.

ROUTINES ARE NOT SO BAD: 8 times out of 10, people are running off to start their own businesses because they are sick of routines, nut are routines really that bad? In establishing a business, you need stability which most times can be achieved through routines. And think about it, your employees would have to work in routines no matter what, so come on!

A VACATION IS NOT REALLY A VACATION: It would be silly to let your business crumble because you have a strict vacation policy, don’t you think? If business calls on vacation, you don’t have to get up and run off, but make sure you have all it takes to handle the business remotely. It would make more sense to shut everything down and resume when vacation is over.

There’s everything you need to be a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, make it count.

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