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Research shows that 90% of customers that promised to call you back for a deal, after the first conversation, will never do so. The reason for this is pretty apparent, they are not satisfied with your explanation during the conversation, and they are going elsewhere. Some of them might even go elsewhere and find out it is the same thing, but will not come back. Our second chance prospector is designed to help you attract those customers so they will call you back and you can close the sales.

Why Your Business Needs Our Second Chance Prospecting?

Many businesses fail because they couldn’t stop their customers from trying out the competition. Business is about relationship and then the service, but the relationship has to be established first before you can have the chance to prove to them that you can do it. You need second chance prospecting in your business to take advantage of every single person contacting you. You also need it to close deals and increase sales, so that those buyers will become repeat buyers who will always come for your goods and services.

How Our System Works

Our second chance prospecting is a 100% automated system that takes charge of your CRM, identify calls, emails, and messages that have not been closed, and then contact them. It requires less efforts and allows you to focus on the core of your business instead of spending time looking for customers to contact.

Ring-Less Call Drops – Most businesses have to hunt down their prospects before they can get feedback. Our system makes use of ring-less call drops that send messages without the recipient’s phone ringing, thereby leaving a compelling sales message and offer no one can resist.

Emails – Our second chance prospecting system searches through your emails, identify leads that are yet to be converted and alert the system to send them better offers. It works with your CRM and website so that every message in your inbox is scrutinized.

SMS – The system also consist of an SMS process that sends SMS messages to customers to read their emails, listen to their voicemails, and respond. SMS remains one of the best ways to get people’s attention because it goes directly into their phone, with an alarm to insight them.

Lead Generation – We have robust lead generation platform that is guaranteed to increase sales by 50%. You have the freedom to make use of our state of the art landing page designs to create sales messages for events, promotions, and marketing.

Improving Your Reviews

Most people now read reviews before they buy a product to be sure they are buying exactly what they want. Our second chance prospecting system has reputation building mechanism that helps you get more reviews through the automated review request system. It also sends messages to customers for feedback, so you can re-engage with the dissatisfied ones before their negative review goes public.

Bebackbus offers complete marketing, promotion, and lead generation opportunity for any business that want to retain as many visitors and customers as possible. The automation helps you do less work and achieve more, within a perfectly constructed system.



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